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Hand sanitizer usually contain what elements?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-13
With the improvement of living standard, most people only know now hand sanitizer is used to wash your hands, keep hands clean and healthy, but you know what is hand sanitizer ingredients? Hand sanitizer is acidic or alkaline? If you say not clear, look at the details below. What are
liquid soap ingredients:

1) Surfactant

surface active agent is the main ingredient in liquid soap formula, its basic function is to remove oil and dirt on your hand, and generate a certain amount of bubbles.

2) Skin moisturizing factor

skin moisturizing factor is also indispensable composition of liquid soap, glycerin of the most widely used, it can leave behind a layer of protective film on the surface of the skin moisture volatilize, stop or slow down the skin inside the loss of moisture, keep skin wettability.

3) Thickener

thickener when using hand sanitizer, if the viscosity is too small, not in the hands of the stranded, the decontamination ability can be affected. The most commonly used thickener is inorganic salt, NaCl, for example, it's cheap, thickening effect is good, easy to use.

4) Reduce slip agent

in order to reduce the hand sanitizer in satiny phenomenon in the process of washing, increase skin clean feeling, can add certain reduction in formula slip agent. C18 ~ 20 anionic surfactant can hand sanitizer in the local form a larger surface tension, reduce the soapy in the process of washing, can choose the moderate performance as a reducing agent.

5) Preservatives

in order to prevent and inhibit the growth of bacteria, guarantee products have certain storage period, must add a certain amount of sterilization preservatives in hand sanitizer. Should choose non-toxic, no stimulation to skin, colour and lustre is shallow and low price of preservatives, commonly used with sodium benzoate

6) Appearance regulator

products in order to make the person feels pleasure, can add the appropriate in hand sanitizer flavor and color. Generally can choose fruit, floral scent or qing scent of the fragrance fragrance adjustment.

so, hand washing liquid is acidic or alkaline?

hand sanitizer in general without phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium and other ingredients, using the principle of moderate decontamination, easily accepted by the skin. General hand sanitizer is alkaline, a stimulating effect on children's skin, in addition, the skin of easy allergy crowd is unfavorable also use hand sanitizer.
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