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Hand sanitizers have antiseptic effect?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-14
In general, there are 'disappear' font size hand sanitizer, disinfection, antibacterial effect, can contain antimicrobial properties.

hand sanitizer in general without phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium and other ingredients, using the principle of moderate decontamination, easily accepted by the skin. Currently on the market of hand sanitizer is divided into two major categories, one kind is ordinary hand sanitizer, another belongs to disinfection products. The former have the effect of clean decontamination, the latter only contains the active components of antibacterial, bacteriostasis, or sterilization. Common liquid soap as a 'kind', disinfection liquid soap for more 'size'.
hand sanitizer, consumer choose and buy is defended inspect bureau concerned expert reminds pay attention to the following:

1. To normal bazaar, supermarket, or is the national chain stores to buy, because there was a relatively stable supply channels, and have relatively strict stock control system.

2。 Observe whether the outer packing is in good condition, handwriting printed on packaging bottle is clear, the pump head is strong. Hand sanitizer is commonly by squeezing the pump head make the liquid flow out, if the quality is poor, in the use of fluid or leakage may occur.

3。 Whether the label on the outer packing is complete, such as presence of producer name and address, paying special attention to whether there is a standard number. Although the hand sanitizer, there is no unified national standards, but the country does not allow no standard production. Each production enterprises to formulate standards, and note the enterprise standard on the packaging, to ensure product quality.

4。 Pay attention to the quality of hand sanitizer. Citizens can smell stink, pungent odor, such as first if you have could be a shelf-life disabled or is the use of the raw material, don't buy and use.

5。 Observation of hand sanitizer presence of layered or oil-water separation phenomenon, if you have any suggests emulsification process without good control during the production, will affect the washing effect.
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