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Have knowledge of cosmetics OEM packaging materials in glass bottles

by:Zanyu     2020-11-25

OME find OEM cosmetics manufactory now processing, the need to learn about some knowledge of the inner packaging material. In OEM OEM cosmetics process, during the whole process of communication with customers, and customers for OEM cosmetics packaging materials were not very master, specially will comb about glass bottles, one of the professional knowledge of the following:

glass ( Cream bottle, essence, water embellish skin water, essence oil)

glass to protect skin to taste on key is divided into: OEM skin care products ( Cream, moisturizing lotion) , weak perfume, essential oil, nail glue categories volume smaller, more than 200 ml volume very little to protect skin to taste. Glass bottles and divided into jars, narrow mouth, solid paste with general jar, attribute matching electrochemical aluminum cover or plastic cover, can make the cork color oil pump and so on practical effect; Emulsified oil or powder paste narrow mouth bottle, is commonly used in appropriate applicable pump head, such as with cover with plug, powder with a small round hole with plug, thicker moisturizer with big hole plug.

the glass bottles of its thickness unevenness can easily cause damage, or in the cold is easy to be broken contents to dig, under the standard of effective volume, should be in canned when testing on the shipping paper holds and individual space, finished goods should be equipped with color box packaging, case and made more can take to the vibration isolation effect. Glass bottles of common form generally have inventory goods, such as refined oil, usually transparent or ground yarn bottles.

glass bottle making cycle for a long time, you must quickly 20 days, some coordination &liaision instead to 45 days, general order quantity is 5000 to 10000, the smaller the bottle type to do the quantity, the greater the cycle time and the bulk are all suffer from the harm of hot season, season. Open abrasive cost: handmade mould is in 2500 yuan, up and down fully automatic grinding tool is in commonly 4000 yuan of an up and down, 1 out of 4 or 1 to 8 to 16000 yuan - 32000 yuan, up and down the actual depending on the manufacturer standard.

pure oil bottle with tan or colored and colored yarn, shading, cover with commercial insurance, can match the plug or burette, perfume bottles generally with the fine spray pump head or plastic cover.

mode of composition:

1, cream bottle series products: glass bottle two layers of plastic HouGaiBan ( In the 10 g - general volume 50g)

2, water essence series products: glass bottle or electrochemical aluminum plastic pump head ( Volume is relatively high in 20 to 100 ml)

3, water embellish skin series products: glass bottle plastic plug HouGaiBan ( About 100 ml, can also be equipped with a pump head of the class)

4, refined oil products: glass bottle stopper large cranium or gum drops head burette electrochemical aluminum cover

processing technology: the bottle: transparent bottle, grinding yarn bottle color bottle white porcelain, fine oil ( Not common color but quantity is high, the province too little control line selection) , the actual effect of spray paint spray paint should more commonly 0. 5 - 1. 1 yuan/a, depending on the area and tonal difficulty coefficient, screen printing ink is 0. 1 yuan/color, cylindrical bottles can be pure color measurement, shaped bottle according to the two color or color measurement.

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