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Have some knowledge about mask OEM processing

by:Zanyu     2020-11-25
Mask before OEM,

do you know how is this a sticker to be made? ! How to distinguish the stand or fall of face mask? A film contains many essence ingredients? Here we can learn some knowledge of the mask to know this.

1, the principle of face film

mask principle is through the seal of the sticker covered the epidermis, forcing the pores gradually open, guide the essence of moisture and nutrition slowly penetrate into the skin cutin layer, the stratum corneum cells in the moist environment absorb moisture and nutrition, skin will look very soft luster.

to pore over open means mask should have good joint degrees; At the same time in order to let the skin absorb more nutrients, also need to mask the material to the elite fluid has good load ability.

2, face film production process

to pore over open, then the membrane cloth there must be a good fit degree; The stronger the essence of membrane cloth load capacity, is, the more nutrients absorbed by the skin. Produce a piece of mask seems very simple, is to adjust good essence and membrane cloth into aluminum bag.

of course, this is just the surface of the technology, because there are a lot of technical specifications, seemingly simple things often have some mystery.

3, mask production environment is important

processing cosmetic requirement is very strict to the environment, face film processing is no exception, degree of air clean production environment must meet the requirements, the staff into the workshop must change into clean clothes, and make the disinfection work. All products must be in accordance with GMP standard production workshop, GMP production workshop is what?

here is only a typical example:

all GMP standard factory building requires a laminar flow environment, laminar flow of millions, hundreds and thousands, the level parameter refers to this kind of environment in 1 cubic meter of space how many particles, The ash layer, bacterial spores, etc. ) , the smaller the series means that the environment is clean, such as all levels of laminar flow in 1 cubic meter of air means that this kind of environment only up to 10000 particles, mask processing are commonly used levels millions of laminar flow or 100000 laminar flow.

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