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Healthy exercise, looking forward to a better self

by:Zanyu     2021-05-15
Walking on the street, looking at the busy streets, do you feel a trace of coolness? Do you feel a trace of confusion? Looking at the crowds of girls in miniskirts and shorts, and then looking at the fullness of your body, do you have a trace of jealousy and loss in your heart? In this hot season with such a prominent figure, you can only look at others like this, but you are licking the wounds yourself in the corner. Want to change? Want to get rid of plumpness? Let's take a look! It is not our fault to grow fat, but it is our fault to grow fat and not converge. We often envy those beautiful girls with good figures, thinking to ourselves, it would be great if I was like this. However, there is no if in life. If my family is rich, if I am beautiful, if, or if, but there is no if in life. Your life will only think if it is, I believe it will be ruined soon. Therefore, in the face of obesity, we cannot always think about if we have to actually move, only in this way can we really help ourselves. So what should we do to be good for obesity? Obesity, one is congenital, the other is acquired. Inheritance is inherited. Some families have some genes for obesity. We cannot change this. But the day after tomorrow can be completely changed. Many obese people are caused by their usual living habits. This is why it is said that acquired obesity can be changed. In fact, it is very painful for obese people to reduce their food intake. Therefore, the most important thing is to exercise and lose weight effectively and healthily. We usually need to exercise more and do not need large-scale movements, but the most important thing is persistence. Only perseverance can truly change. 1. Don't eat too full when eating. Not only do you feel uncomfortable, but you can't lose weight. Therefore, we only need to eat 7 minutes of fullness after eating, and don't lie down or sit so fast after meals. Standing for half an hour is the best 2. We can usually do yoga exercises. After a long period of time, it is not only good for the body, but also healthy to lose weight. Some simple yoga movements, such as sitting, standing and relaxing, let the body completely empty, and you can also go to some yoga classes; 3. After get off work, we might as well do some exercises with friends, such as playing badminton, such as skipping rope, which can not only relax, but also increase friendship. , But also effective weight loss. The above suggestions may not respond at first, but over time, you will be able to see the effect. Is that enough? The answer is no. Nothing in the world is so simple and easy to accomplish. Just like the Guangzhou OEM cosmetics processing factory, is it possible to use a website to make a manufacturer completely popular? You just have to think about it and you know it's impossible. Therefore, we have to control our food intake, and more importantly, we should not eat too many high-calorie foods, such as KFC and McDonald's. Snacks should also be eaten less, ice cream is best not to eat. I hope you can persevere and be a sports person. It is not that you are not good now, but that you are looking forward to a more perfect self.
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