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Help raise healthy pregnant women to protect skin to correct use good skin

by:Zanyu     2020-11-14

new surrogate mother know use OEM skin care products to repair damaged during pregnancy pregnant women pregnant, but many pregnant women in maintenance too casually, leading to the majority of pregnant women to protect skin to protect skin effect is not standard, then look at the three basic maintenance of the correct way of using the pregnant women to protect skin to taste.

a: cleanser

OEM skin care is the first step of OEM skin care, cleansing the face every day there will be a lot of bacteria and dust adsorption on the face, how not to thoroughly clean, skin will appear a lot of problem skin. When washing a face first pat face with warm water, apply adequate amount of cleanser to palm of hands knead a bubble after daub on face, massage face T area can focus on clean, then rinse off with clear water, usable and clean the pores of blot facial moisture.

2: toner

pat face with toner after cleansing, can use make up cotton inunction or directly apply is in facial ministry, have the function of the secondary cleaning and moisturizing skin, help skin added moisture quickly, the appearance of dry skin tight. Small make up recommend oily skin and mixed skin with moisturizing toner, accusing oil dry skin with toner, sensitive skin, choose water quality to protect skin to taste with a slow repair action.

emulsion is oil-in-water type of emulsifier, has a good damping effect, can rise the embellish skin effect. 1 first gently rub his hands, let hand temperature increase some, and then apply adequate amount to the emulsion in heart, and increase skin permeation, CRC and bottom-up, by inside and outside, like painting a oval technique, the emulsion smear evenly on the cheeks; Skin from the inside out at the moment, daub chin, nose and nose two side, by go up and down motion daub; Middle finger and unknown finger by the eyebrows to the left and right sides, with spiral gently massage the entire forehead skin; After comparing with palms wrapped in the entire face, then gently press down about 5 ~ 10 seconds, help raise the emulsion nutrient penetration.

3: essence

essence is to protect skin to higher levels of skin care products, very efficient effect that protect skin, deep penetrate skin, help skin compensatory and enough nutrition composition, has the obvious effect that protect skin. Massage face gently daub skin to absorb. The skin is more behind the frost can according to their own use.

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