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How can pregnant mother's skin become white from black? Just remember these 7 secrets! Pregnant mother, skin, black, how, white, remember, these, 7 secrets

by:Zanyu     2021-06-18

  Skin like fat is the traditional aesthetic standard. It is almost every Asian woman’s ultimate dream to have healthy and fair skin, but many women are not white enough by nature. The pregnant mother’s skin is dark, what can pregnant mothers do to make their skin white and white? What about tenderness?


   The first thing to brighten the skin is sunscreen. UV rays are available for many years. Although it is cold in winter, there will still be sunlight, so sunscreen is not acceptable. Delay, pregnant mothers must do a good job of sun protection before going out, in addition to putting on barrier cream and BB cream. The OEM skin care products for pregnant women are designed to meet the needs of women during pregnancy and childbirth. They are effective, melanin is generated on the face and replenishes skin moisture. , Make the skin lasting moisturized and radiant.

  2: Vitamin intake is vital to the skin

  Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are the keys to whitening, which can not only regulate the body's body functions and immunity but also improve the body The skin tissue inhibits the production of melanin, so it is beneficial for pregnant mothers to eat more fruits and vegetables of this kind.

  3: Massage charge

   The blood vessels in the dermis are divided into two parts, deep and shallow. The deep blood vessels can adjust the temperature, and the superficial blood vessels are used to transport nutrients. Massage can provide oxygen to the skin, enhance skin elasticity, promote blood circulation, and rejuvenate the skin, making it fair and tender.

  4: Moisturizing to keep the skin in a state of hydration

  The lack of water in the skin will appear dry and dark yellow. Because there is no solid stratum corneum and even water-soluble fat protective layer and the cell membrane is intact, the skin will be dull and yellow. They are the natural barrier of the skin. Only by maintaining their working environment can the fair skin be carried to the end. Therefore, pregnant mothers always ensure the skin's moisture state, and do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing

  Whitening secret five: essential oils to rejuvenate the skin

   nourishing essential oils provide sufficient nutrition for the skin, and not only It only acts on the surface layer of the skin! It is directly transported into the dermis to awaken the vitality of the skin.

  Whitening secret 6: Pay attention to the quality of ambient air

   Keep away from spicy food and fried food, avoid some harmful gases from being absorbed by the skin, and plant green plants in your home or office , And also maintain indoor ventilation and oxygen content.

   Whitening Secret Seven: Relieve the mood and keep happy

   The stress of life and spirit will be reflected on the skin, so the proper relief of tightness is actually to give the skin a Breathing space, and a pleasant mood can make the skin better absorb nutrients, unblock pores, and speed up metabolism.

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