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How can pregnant mothers prevent dry and sensitive skin?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-19

  Dry and sensitive is the root cause of skin problems. After pregnancy, due to the influence of progesterone, the skin will become sensitive and fragile, causing a variety of skin problems. So how can pregnant moms take care of their skin to avoid dryness and sensitivity?


  When washing your face, you should use mild and non-irritating cleansing products


  Due to dry skin, the frequency of washing your face should be relatively reduced. Just twice a day. After washing, gently tap a few times with your hands, wait until the moisture is half dry, apply a mild moisturizer evenly on the face, and massage gently, which will help maintain skin moisture and promote skin blood circulation. Drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and if necessary, take some vitamin B2 and C tablets to prevent dry and cracked skin. To maintain a certain indoor temperature, it is better to have an air humidifier or put a basin of water indoors.


   Eat more fruits and vegetables


   Doctors will often ask pregnant women to eat more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, except In addition to helping pregnant women to replenish sufficient vitamins, it can also moisturize the skin. Fruits and vegetables are rich in a variety of vitamins, such as apples, broccoli, carrots and other fruits and vegetables, which can protect and improve the skin.


   Use natural skin care products for dry skin


   The skin of pregnant women is extremely sensitive At this stage, because many skin care products contain many unfavorable ingredients for the belly and fetus, thereby increasing the deformity rate of the child in the belly, the skin care products used by pregnant women must be pure natural OEM skin care products or special skin care products for pregnant women. When pregnant women choose skin care products, they can choose OEM skin care products for pregnant women using soy milk as the raw material, because soy milk contains a large amount of soy isoflavones, soy lecithin, hydrolyzed soy protein and other moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients, which can deeply moisturize and replenish the skin. Moisturizing, meet the needs of pregnant women's skin during autumn pregnancy.


  Dry skin in autumn Use a humidifier


   The air in autumn becomes abnormally dry, because pregnant women spend most of their time Indoors, so it is necessary to add a humidifier to the home for humidification to increase the indoor air humidity and prevent the dry environment from causing the skin of expectant mothers to become dry.


  Control the bathing time


   If pregnant women with dry skin should pay attention to bathing, choose a non-irritating bath exclusively for pregnant women Products, such as baby soap, shower gel, etc., avoid using soap, etc. to prevent the skin from becoming more dry. In addition, the bath water temperature should not be too high and the bath time should not be too long to reduce the loss of skin moisture.


  Use a moisturizing mask


   If pregnant women’s skin is dry, you can use a mask for pregnant women 1~2 times a week to help the skin Deeply moisturize and improve dry skin. After applying the mask, you also need to clean the face, and then use the skin care products for pregnant women for basic skin care to help lock the skin's moisture and nutrients.



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