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How can pregnant women with dry skin spend the autumn moisturizing

by:Zanyu     2021-06-11
Many pregnant mothers have dry skin, and the major feature of dry skin is dehydration and dryness. Especially in the dry autumn, the skin dehydration situation will be more serious. If you do not take care of it for a long time, wrinkles will occur, so dry skin must be restored to normal physiological functions through proper OEM skin care to prevent premature aging. So, how do pregnant mothers with dry skin take care of their skin? How to stay moisturized through autumn? The obvious characteristics of dry skin are: less sebum secretion, dry, fair skin, lack of luster, and small but not obvious pores. And it is easy to produce fine wrinkles, superficial capillaries, easy to rupture, more sensitive to external stimuli, and prone to erythema on the skin. There are two basic reasons why dry skin appears dry and rough, one is lack of water and the other is lack of oil. If pregnant mothers want to fundamentally improve the problem of dryness and roughness, they must distinguish in time whether the skin is short of water or oil, and then choose suitable skin care products.  Dry skin care for dehydrated skin   Severely dehydrated dry skin needs sufficient moisture to improve the dryness of the skin. How to moisturize? First of all, you need warm water to clean the skin, because using too cold or too hot water to clean the skin can not completely clean the dirt on the skin, so that the skin can grow oil and cannot lock the moisture. Before using the night cream, you can choose to use soy milk essence, which can deepen the nourishment of the skin, inject more nutrients and moisture into the skin, and get rid of the dry and rough state as soon as possible. In addition, applying soy milk silk mask three times a week is very helpful for improving the dry and rough skin.  Caring for oil-deficient dry skin  Some pregnant mothers have rough and dry skin because of lack of oil. First of all, the skin's hydrating care should not be ignored; secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the supplement of skin oil. If only moisturizing is less oily, the skin will be dry. The skin condition of serious water-oil imbalance makes it more difficult to care for it. After applying soy milk toner and lotion to the skin, it is necessary to apply the nourishing and repairing essence oil to replenish the oil. When the skin is not lacking in oil and moisture, and the balance is maintained, that is when the skin gets rid of dryness and roughness.  Ordinary skin care products may contain harmful ingredients. In order to protect the health of mothers and babies, pregnant women should use special OEM skin care products for pregnant women. Among many brands, the reputation and sales are relatively high, and a variety of OEM skin care products for pregnant women are suitable for pregnant women with different skin types. In addition, I would like to remind all pregnant mothers that in the daily maintenance and care of dry skin, skin care products should not be used to hydrate and replenish oil. You also need to drink more water and eat more fresh, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables to replenish moisture from the body. , Let the skin get moisturized from the root, say goodbye to dryness.
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