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How did the yellow face come into being? How to improve dark yellow skin

by:Zanyu     2021-05-29

  With the increase of age and secretion disorders during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers find that their skin gradually becomes yellow and dull. What are the reasons for these skin problems and how to improve the dull skin during pregnancy?

  Long-term staying up late, lack of sleep

  Because of staying up late and not having enough time to sleep, the liver and gallbladder cannot get adequate rest, which can manifest as rough skin, dark spots, yellow complexion, etc.

  Toxin accumulation in the body

  Under the condition of normal metabolism, the food that people eat passes through the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, and large intestine, and is then excreted from the anus after comparison. The entire process can generally be completed within 12-24 hours, so as to ensure that waste does not stay in the intestines for too long. Because it has been in contact with the intestinal wall for too long, the waste will inevitably be absorbed by the body again, which will lead to intoxication in the body. Although the human body has such anti-toxin function, fatigue, stress or other physiological reasons can cause metabolic dysfunction and endocrine disorders in the human body, resulting in long-term retention of human waste in the body. In this way, the remaining wastes begin to decompose in the intestines, and the flora in the colon will continuously decompose wastes and produce toxins. These toxins are re-absorbed through the colon, continuously exuding and polluting the body's environment, and then enter different organs of the body through the blood circulation, and then enter the body to cause various diseases, such as memory decline, fatigue, gray complexion, constipation, hemorrhoids, endocrine disorders, and obesity. Wait.

  Poor blood circulation

  The liver directly affects the blood vessels. Liver fire or liver qi stagnation can easily lead to qi and blood impassability, affecting the blood circulation of the face, and the skin is naturally dull and dull.

   greasy sebum

   greasy, old cutin and dirt accumulated on the skin surface will cause yellowing of the skin if it is not removed in time.

  pigment accumulation

  pigment is not effectively removed, long-term accumulation causes yellowing of the skin.

  Ultraviolet radiation

  Ultraviolet light is the main killer of skin aging. It can cause disordered texture, poor blood circulation, accumulation of melanin, and dark yellow skin.

  chemical substance allergy

   Harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury contained in low-quality skin care products can also make the skin yellow and darker.

  Air Pollution

  Urban air pollution accumulates epidermal toxins, which cannot be eliminated normally, causing the skin to turn yellow.

  Lack of exercise

  Lack of exercise for a long time. The circulatory metabolism of the body and skin slows down, resulting in the accumulation of excessive waste and exhaust gas in the body.

  How to improve dark yellow skin

   during pregnancy Coup 1: External nutrition and water

   Hydration and moisturizing is a key to OEM skin care, because skin also during pregnancy It is prone to lack of nutrition, and the skin is prone to yellowing on the face with insufficient skin nutrition. In addition, the skin structure of pregnant women is relatively loose, and the skin moisture is also lost quickly.

  Recommended product: Rice series moisturizing and hydrating set

  Recommended reason: Contains cleanser, lotion, essence, eye gel and moisturizing lotion, rich in natural hydrating Factors and beautifying nutrients can effectively control the skin's oil-water balance, promote skin metabolism, play a role in the formation of melanocytes, and meet the multiple OEM skin care needs of pregnant mothers for moisturizing, bleaching, and whitening.

   during pregnancy coup 2: Nutritional diet to replenish qi and blood

   Pregnant women have a dark yellow complexion, which is closely related to poor blood circulation and insufficient Qi and blood in the body. It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat more Vitamin B foods, such as black fungus, spinach, carrots, lotus root and other foods are also rich in folic acid. Eat cherries, red apples, small tomatoes, strawberries and other red fruits with strong antioxidant properties.

  As a special group of people, pregnant women must be cautious in eating and wearing. A balanced diet and reasonable exercise will have a vital impact on the mother and baby. In terms of skin care during pregnancy, the principles to be strictly implemented include products with harmful chemical ingredients such as lead and mercury are absolutely forbidden. Soy milk and rice series skin care products for pregnant women using the same source of makeup and food are the better choices for pregnant mothers.

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