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How do pregnant women take care of their skin? Four major causes of itchy skin in summer

by:Zanyu     2021-06-22

   The weather is sultry in summer. Sensitive skin during pregnancy is undergoing a new round of tests. There are endless problems, and itching is a common problem. How do pregnant women take care of their skin in summer? What are the causes of itching?

1. Dry skin and lack of water

   Dry skin and lack of water are the main cause of itching. The skin care specialist during pregnancy explained that the body is an organic whole with external acids and internal alkalis. If you stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, your skin will Disturbed by the temperature, itching and discomfort appear. If the skin is not given sufficient moisture to nourish the skin in time, adjust the water and oil balance, and keep the skin in a moisturized state, the skin itching will continue to worsen, and then symptoms such as peeling and dryness will appear. For OEM skin care during pregnancy, you must choose soy milk skin care products and rice skin care products with excellent hydrating effects to deeply nourish the skin and improve dry itching discomfort.

  Second, skin self-regulation ability declines

   It is said that OEM skin care during pregnancy is not skin care, and the skin ages for 13 years. After pregnancy is affected by progesterone, the skin of pregnant mothers begins to appear natural Aging, the degeneration of sebaceous gland function, leading to a substantial decline in the skin's self-repair ability and resistance. For skin that lacks defense capabilities, nerve endings are more susceptible to irritation and itching. If such pregnant mothers want to delay skin aging and improve skin repair and immunity, they must strengthen the superficial stratum corneum and form a natural defense barrier. It can be combined with essential oils to deeply adjust the secretion of water and oil and protect the health of pregnant muscles.

  3. Stress response caused by allergens

   In addition to the dry itchy discomfort caused by the imbalance of water and oil in the skin, stress reactions also occur after contact with allergens Very common. Said that many pregnant mothers do not pay attention to the defense and protection of the skin. In the boring summer, there is more rain and bacteria are more likely to breed and spread. If the skin is exposed to the air, it will be easily attacked by bacteria, causing skin rashes, itching, peeling and other stress reactions. When such pregnant mothers go out, they must combine with their parents.

   Fourth, low mood leads to skin nerves hyperactivity

   After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have large mood swings, long-term stress and irritability. , Triggering a negative reaction of the skin, itching and discomfort. Such pregnant mothers, in addition to choosing suitable skin care products for pregnant women, should pay more attention to the timely resolution of depression. At the same time, pay attention to adjusting your personal diet. By taking in vitamin B complex, you can adjust the skin condition, which can help suppress nerve excitement and relieve dry and itchy skin.

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