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How do you use the free hand washing detergent? Free hand washing gel works?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-09
Free hand washing detergent believes everyone not unfamiliar, is a kind of hand disinfection products, and how to use detergent to wash your hands free? Free hand washing gel works? The following answer for you. How do you use the free hand washing detergent? Free hand washing disinfectant has good disinfection effect, but the use of non-standard, and cannot effectively clear the harmful bacteria, and could rival bring certain influence, so according to the following method to use cotton washing detergent: 1, first take proper amount of free detergent to wash your hands in the palm, then use your other hand on the palm rub out a lot of bubbles. 2, bubble to rub out when it began to rub detergent to wash your hands free would go in the other one forearm, continue to rub. 3, then rubbed the other hand, in the same way, after rub the nails in the palms. After 4, rub the palms, began to rub his thumb and other thumb, then his hands. 5, the last two hands, arms crossed fingers rub each other, rub the wrist is the end. Free hand washing gel works? Have certain effect. From washing disinfection gel is also from a detergent to wash your hands, have no need to wash, can effectively achieve the role of inhibition of bacteria and clear, especially intestinal pathogenic bacteria and streptococcus pyogenes, yeast, etc. , this common germs removal effect is good, in addition, avoid disinfection gel effect is better than the commonly used soap to wash your hands, can kill the bacteria on the hand of a more comprehensive, to reduce the number of resident bacteria and kill the bacteria tabernacle, wash their hands but need to moderate, lest cause certain damage of skin. Free hand washing detergent alcohol? There are advantages and disadvantages. Commonly buy on the market of detergent to wash your hands with free alcohol, also have no alcohol, so people will struggle to buy what kind of, in fact, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, specific see personal choice, alcoholic disinfectant has the characteristics of quick effect, the use of fresh, but alcohol belong to flammable volatile items, when applied to the skin, can cause skin internal moisture to evaporate, use for a long time may appear, is the skin dry circumstance without alcohol-based hand sanitizer although the effect is so fast, but it contains plant disinfection, also can play a disinfectant. Accordingly Suggestions according to their own requirements, buy the right products, in addition to buy needs in regular stores. Free hand washing detergent can clean of mobile phone? You can. First wet wipe phone display panel is not recommended, because of the mobile phone inside, water will seep into the effect of the use of the product performance, and free hand washing detergent volatilizes quickly, has the characteristics of quick-drying, and can be used to wipe my cell phone, do not have a big impact, and hand washing detergent ingredients, mild and no corrosive, itself also has a certain disinfection effect, dust and bacteria on the surface of the cell phone can be effectively remove harmful substances, such as, but not recommended for use for a long time, wipe mobile phones still need professional disinfectant and superfine fiber cloth, to keep the cell phone screen in the largest extent and the integrity of the product function.
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