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How is the hand sanitizer manufacturer classification hand sanitizer?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-14
Hand sanitizer in general without phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, the composition such as sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, adopt the principle of moderate decontamination, easily accepted by the skin. Liquid soap manufacturers in the production of hand sanitizer is how to classify? Below let small make up talk about liquid soap manufacturer how to classification of hand sanitizer.
liquid soap manufacturers hand sanitizer can be divided into the following three points:
(1) normal hand sanitizer: clean decontamination effect.
2. Disinfection liquid soap: the active components of antibacterial, bacteriostasis, or sterilization.
3. Heavy oil hand sanitizer: industrial oil ( For example, butter, diesel oil, petrol, etc. ) Cleaning and stubborn stains.
different hand sanitizers have respectively on the outer packing, ordinary hand sanitizer is commonly 'kind', disinfection liquid soap for more 'size'.
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