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How much investment is needed to do face film processing?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-30

many facial processing customers will first assess, facial processing and how much do I need to invest? How much the price of a can go to? Believe that to many cosmetics factory site for customer service also is not to get the exact answer. Tend to get the answer to this: the price is according to the packaging and contents of face film material, choose different packaging materials and products in the price of material is different, generally a mask can do a few dollars to several dozens yuan price, specific customized according to your requirements.

don't think this is the, may be you will feel: I just want a precise price? Why old give me a range. Do not hiding anything manufacturer, they indeed are in line with the professional attitude to tell you. Our cosmetic science: co-packer mask generation processing price = packaging + material body.

the price of the material has a relatively low price, because the material factory there is a low minimum quantity. What is the price of the material body depends on the mask to do, what you need to add the raw material, good effect of raw material and durable raw material price will be higher, this is all you get what you pay for.

select mask processing manufacturer can't consider price, although the price of the material and packaging material may differ not quite, but the more important the factory's technical strength and service quality gap is very big. Can't present prices, some manufacturer may give the price is very low, but there is no technical strength, no qualified production workshop and the mask automata, eventually not give a good face.

some time ago CCTV exposure is a batch of inferior mask also seized a large number of manufacturers, present and future countries in key environmental protection, more and more strict with co-packer for OEM cosmetics, a large number of a large number of manufacturers have no country check ready to get a vote was run, must be careful! Don't cry because it is save a little cost loss instead of more, also fall a product attachment. Is not worth the cost.

a better approach is to check the cosmetic co-packer website if there is a business license, cosmetics production license, the pollutant discharge license, have a chat with the salesman again specific products, preliminary judgment whether professional, trial samples to see the effect. Then go to factory on-the-spot investigation, the comprehensive price, professional degrees, and the quality of service, technical strength, the workshop normality to judge whether the manufacturer is worth doing mask processing.

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