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How to accuse oil filling water fall pregnant women oily skin

by:Zanyu     2020-11-05

oily skin of the pregnant mother usually few peeling phenomenon, but the one to fall, is dry, the skin is easy to water shortage, lead to secrete more oil. Autumn oily skin won't dry peeling is that produce more oil, which is an acute shortage of water in the skin. Teach you pregnant mother right under the autumn OEM skin care knowledge, accusing oil filling water.

containment hydrating method one: correct selection of cleanser, mild cleansing

in the summer, we usually use deep clean cleanser, but autumn climate is drier, the skin easier to dehydrate, so, autumn should use a mild cleansing, moisturizing effect. Also select bubble less, mostly mild, suitable for oily skin. Cleansing, should according to the features in different areas of the skin clean partition, T zone oil secretion is more, you should focus on cleaning in the cleansing.

Notice: after washing, better make facial ministry skin dry naturally, but if the face wet a little sick, then use a slightly more healthy way to clean face & ndash; — On the face with a towel, touch to moisture. Of course the magnitude of the press. Most people used to rub on the face with a towel, so easy to stimulate the skin, also easy to clog pores.

containment hydrating method 2: right face, hot and cold water alternately

for oily skin of the pregnant mother, wash a face not too literally. Alternating hot and cold water washs a face to be able to help you very good containment.

wash a face with hot water first make the pores open, then use cleanser to clean dirt in pores. Reoccupy cold water washs a face, let your pores, reduce sebum secretion. This method washs a face, morning and evening at least two times a day to wash.

Notice: water temperature control at around 40 degrees, high temperature may make your blood capillary expansion, caused more grease is secreted.

containment hydrating method 3: correct washs a face, use fresh water instead of water

what is the living water? Is the tap water, water is the water in the basin, because the cleaning cleaning skin principle is the use of small particles to produce precipitation, chemical reaction and in cleaning out the small particles. If not, clean out small particles, in turn, may be clogged pores, thus easy long acne, especially oily skin, pore bulky, more easy to clog pores. In order to reduce this kind of situation, oily skin should use faucet or shower wash your face.

oily skin protect skin in the autumn will stick to accuse oil filling water

containment hydrating method 4: proper filling water, toner + model emulsion model

for oily skin, autumn can choose a few of black toner, such as bean milk skin toner. Every day after cleansing, use make up cotton take a suitable amount of pat on the face until absorption, can have contractive pore, inhibit oil secretion. At the same time, also can choose soybean milk nourishing lotion, use after finished toner, timely give skin complement moisture, make skin hydrated.

containment hydrating method 5: clean the skin of the dead skin, improve skin renewal speed

it is autumn, new Chen xie will be slowly than the spring and summer time, so you need to rely on cutin cream to remove the old waste cutin, improve the updating speed of skin, help skin to better absorb. Use gentle exfoliating products to clean skin after cleaning, use pores products in time, make pore become smaller, reducing the cost of the moisture of the skin. Note do chamfer processing once a week is enough, because the fall of the skin is dry, in addition, pregnant mother remember must choose gentle type of chamfer simple product, select pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste.

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