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How to care for dry skin in summer 6 moisturizing methods

by:Zanyu     2021-06-27

  Dry skin is also very easy to dry in the hot and hot summer, so how to fill dry skin with moisture and relieve dry skin in summer?

   It is faster to replenish the skin with a thorough cleansing of the face

   Many people always rub their faces casually when they clean their faces, thinking that this is cleaning their facial skin. If the girls hold this idea, your skin will really not look good! The seemingly inconspicuous facial cleansing plays a vital role in skin care. Only when the cleansing work is done can the OEM skin care products enter the skin smoothly.

   The correct way: Put the cleanser into the palm of your hand, rub your hands to make the cleanser foam fully in the palm of your hand, and then directly contact the cleanser with the skin of the face. Wash the T zone of the face first, and then the forehead , Clean the U area after cleaning the forehead, and clean the cheeks after comparison. In addition, sensitive skin during pregnancy should use gentle natural skin care products for pregnant women, such as pregnant women's skin care products.

  Morning cleansing with clean water

   For dry skin, it is better to wash your face in the morning with clean water, or should you use facial cleanser? Because I hate the tightness of the face after washing, a lot of dry skin Women only wash their faces with water, but I still recommend using facial cleanser in the morning. Because after a night, the face is also attached to dirt and secretion of oil, these water alone can not be washed clean.

   High-quality sleep replenishes body moisture

   High-quality sleep is to ensure that you can fall asleep at 11 o'clock every day, because the body starts to detoxify at 11 o'clock every night, and it exceeds 12 o'clock. Sleeping is a kind of staying up late. Staying up late will make the skin on the girls' faces become rough, dark yellow, acne, and skin dehydration. High-quality sleep is actually a better helper in beauty and skin care.

  Choose moisturizing and refreshing moisturizing mask

   In addition to hydrating work in summer, we must also pay attention to moisturizing, so as to lock the moisture of the skin, but want Moisturizing, of course, you need to choose a moisturizing and refreshing moisturizing facial mask with strong hydration. It is recommended that pregnant women use soy milk and rice silk facial masks, which can make the skin full and elastic.

  Apply moisturizing essence before going to bed

   Evening OEM skin care can not lock the skin moisture except for cleansing, watering and lotion. Before going to bed, apply a layer of moisturizer to the skin Essence, can moisturize dry skin and help lock moisture for a long time.

  Be good at sunscreen

   Sunscreen is more important in summer. Ultraviolet rays will make the skin dry and dull. Therefore, you must do sunscreen work in summer, whether you are out or indoors. Always apply sunscreen to avoid evaporation of skin moisture, and reapply every 3-4 hours. Pregnant women should use physical methods to protect themselves from the sun, and apply special barrier creams for pregnant women, such as soy milk, rice and other natural ingredients.

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