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How to care for dry skin outside oil and inside?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-26
Dry skin on the outside and inside is more annoying, the T zone keeps emitting oil, but the cheeks are very dry, and even wrinkles may develop. How to choose OEM skin care products for this skin type and how to care for it?   Many people use oil control products in order not to produce so much oil. As a result, their skin becomes oilier. What is going on? Because your skin is oily because of a severe lack of water, you have not found the right root cause, so of course it is even worse! To control oil, replenish water first. Of course, hydrating is to apply the mask faster, apply the mask 2-3 times a week, I believe your oily condition will be reduced a lot! But remember to moisturize after applying the mask.   Of course, it is not enough to just apply a facial mask. It is better to keep a moisturizing essence at home, which is very effective for first aid. Apply moisturizing essence after toner every night, and then use lotion to lock in moisture, so that the skin will not dry easily!   Do not clean the face frequently. Excessive cleansing of the skin is too dry, it will secrete more oil to protect the skin. In fact, wash it with clean water every morning, and then wash it with moisturizing facial cleanser at night. When cleaning, do not use overheated water to irritate the skin, just clean with warm water.   Reduce the frequency of skin exfoliation when changing seasons. In winter, you can actually get horny one or two times a month. You don't need to do too much cleansing mask, just once every two to three weeks. For those who are worried about acne and blackheads, when removing makeup and cleaning, focus on the areas that are prone to acne and clean them carefully. Actually, it is enough!
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