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How to care for oily skin

by:Zanyu     2021-06-04

   Oily skin secretes too much oil. If a face is not treated properly, it will look like the whole person is fished out of a pan. Besides, the oily skin itself is good for pimples and acne, and it is easy to show the original shape in a short time when putting on makeup. So for friends with oily skin, should you take care of your skin in your daily life?


   Oily skin is not all the same, and it can be roughly divided into four types :


   1. Simple oily skin is greasy, with enlarged pores, but no other symptoms.


  2. Oily water-deficient skin is characterized by imbalance of water and oil, moisture cannot be kept, and often feels oily and dry inside, and peeling in severe cases.


  3. Oily acne skin is shiny and pores are not obvious, but there are a few acne.


  4. Oily acne acne skin is greasy, with large pores, and there are a lot of acne.


  1. Pay attention to the knowledge of washing your face


   First of all, don't wash your face too much. Wash your face once in the morning and night, but you should still choose mild, moisturizing and strong cleansing products. Do not use cleansing products that are too alkaline, and do not control oil too much, which will aggravate the dehydration of oily and dry skin. If your face is no longer oily, you don't have to think that you have oily skin. It is more suitable to use cleansing products for combination skin.


  Secondly, pay attention to cleansing skills. Washing your face with warm water can help dissolve grease. You should also start washing from the T zone, and then wash your cheeks-because most people's T zone skin is oilier and thicker, and it is more prone to blackheads and pimples, so clean it well.


   When you get up early in the morning to wash your face, some people like to wash your face directly with the water from the tap, not in summer. This is very wrong, especially for those with oily skin. You can try a pot of warm water over 40 degrees Celsius and add a pot of cold water, so that you can wash your face cleanly when you wash your face with hot and cold. In addition, add a drop of white vinegar to the cleansing water, which can better remove the dirt on the facial skin.


  2, pay attention to choosing OEM skin care products


   can bring a certain degree of beauty to women, but they must be used properly. Prescribe the right medicine, such as people with oily skin, if you use that kind of slimy face cream, then I can only say that you should not use OEM cosmetics. Especially in summer, I love to sweat and get oily. You said that if you use those creams and the like, you can spread egg cakes on your face. If you have oily skin, you must moisturize in time. Wet compress is a very good way. proper method.


  3. Taboo super spicy food


   Oily skin itself loves oily acne, so the diet needs to be light Lord, occasionally meat dishes are also good, but you can't prefer meat dishes, let alone spicy food.


  4. Don’t touch up your makeup frequently


   There is nothing wrong with the heart of beauty, but it’s not wrong to touch up the makeup at any time. , I am sorry for the audience, but I am sorry for that face. Cleansing the face of a woman is the most important. Of course, proper makeup is necessary when attending certain occasions, but you can’t let that face be wrapped in a thick foundation all day long, especially oily skin that loves oily skin. Skin breathing is the best maintenance method.



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