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How to choose a processing factory of cosmetics?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-26

to meet the requirements of their cosmetics processing, the first step is to choose the right cosmetics manufacturers. Businessman in guangzhou has a lot of cosmetics and processing, let be dazzling, don't know should choose which good, especially for the novice newly registered company, is more difficult to start. So for us, how should we choose a processing factory of cosmetics?

a, where to find?

Chinese mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta, and in guangdong is the most, has nearly 2000. For example, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, Shanghai and other places of cosmetics manufacturers, if the customer at the local, can directly to visit to understand. And, of course, also can through the Internet to find OEM OEM cosmetics OEM manufacturers. Through the telephone consultation, preliminary talks, can understand processing cosmetics related points and preliminary cost quotation.

2, whether to have an aptitude for cosmetics and processing?

understand the , the first thing to look at the qualifications of the company. Guangzhou colourful cosmetics manufacturers are summarized here, should have the new 'business license', 'cosmetics production license. The processing cosmetics production is completed, the trademark registration certificate, the product bar code, sales link must have the health inspection report, the quality inspection report, etc.

three processing, cosmetics type is special use OEM cosmetics?

at present, the domestic cosmetics, card processing type includes nine categories: spot, whitening, acne removing, repair, hair, hair color, hair removal, breast beauty, body building, deodorant, etc. If there is no appearance, need to entrust a to declare, shortest time period also want to 6 months, and the process is more complex. If you have any certificate, OEM cosmetics manufacturers or the customer's hand can be products production and processing.

4, cosmetics manufacturers field pay attention to what?

a see production environment and the service object, production environment is the guarantee of quality cosmetics generation processing customers is the embodiment of the factory production capacity. 2 see cosmetics production equipment, equipment capacity requirements, and whether can guarantee on time delivery, whether to conform to the hygiene standards. 3 the number of employees and style, all OEM cosmetics production need staff to finish, serious and responsible attitude, employees can effectively guarantee the product quality.

OEM cosmetics generation of processing mode is a trend, can satisfy the numerous brands of no cosmetics production capacity, many domestic manufacturers can meet the demand of large processing at home and abroad. generation process in the process of cooperation, to know more about cosmetics manufacturers better about themselves.

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