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How to choose appropriate processing cosmetics manufacturer

by:Zanyu     2020-09-24
How to choose appropriate own processing cosmetics manufacturers now cosmetics industry has entered a white-hot stage, for cosmetics companies want to have independent brand, choose a good OEM manufacturer is undoubtedly one of the key to the success of brand operation, but when you in the face of overwhelming OEM cosmetics generation of processing factory, feel do not know how to start, do not know how to choose? Don't worry no hurry, small make up today will give you some dry, teach you how to choose suits own cosmetics factory. Visit the factory, to see himself to personally to the scene of the production of cosmetics, room inspection room, true to understand the processing factory, from which you can feel service and management of the factory, factory production strength, needless to say, everything will your eyes! To do product, the quality is the first factor, of course, price is an important reference factor, so want to processing cosmetics must visit factory, have traveled long distances to meet each other, in order to strategize product large pin, in order to create the best brand, the pay is necessary. Field trips, before signing a contract, must be the intention of manufacturers to run a few times, see the company's 'business license', 'organization code certificate', 'tax registration certificate, the hygiene license, production license, now the enterprise in 2016 required the hygiene license, the joining together of two certificate, production license by the end of all cosmetics factory through the relevant formalities, and some of the new company for renewal of the old company' business license ', 'organization code certificate', 'tax registration certificate', three certificates. Products from production to have the brand to the trademark registration certificate and the bar code of the products to the sales link to the sanitary inspection report, the quality inspection report. Whether room has its own research and development and research and development team is not a factory workshop and r&d team is like a life without soul, a lot of cosmetics factory does not have its own laboratory and r&d team, let alone have the ability of innovation and research and development formula, so be serious to do, be about to choose a promising to independent innovation and research and development ability of cosmetics enterprises. Laboratory equipment, advanced production equipment is advanced laboratory equipment is a new formula can determine the cosmetics factory research and development of an important factor; Workshop production equipment are the important factors influencing the cosmetics handle, appearance, so choose OEM cosmetics processing factory must see if the factory equipment advanced. Production workshop equipment whether complete cosmetics shop for production workshop requirements although there is no drugs so high, but the state to cosmetics production workshop also to have certain requirements, such as air content of impurity elements, exhaust drainage system should meet the national requirements, such as production workshop don't have to be very big, but the facilities must be complete! Finally the cooperation process of carding if you have the product formula, master the core raw materials with the aid of oems to complete products, products for the record to the patent had better be yourself to finish, the ingredients for the factory to the factory proofing, factory to make samples can meet your requirements, feedback records. Without their own patent formula, the plant through the, you want to self r&d engineers give you proofing, to get the factory to sample, analyzing the sample composition, improvement Suggestions and whether the cost of raw materials can be controlled within the scope of the, if not satisfied with the factory continue to change according to your requirements, raw material price is too high, according to the market quotation to find the right price of the supplier, or change the raw materials. Products of raw materials and packaging, the packaging material is who provides, if the customer provide their own printing and packaging, make sure the packing material delivery date, if the factory to provide packaging material, determine the printing of the cost of the packaging material. Specific product cost calculation and quotation, the cost of raw materials, filling cost, packaging materials, packaging and printing cost, transportation cost accounting. Eventually people truly, the example of product contract, factory production carried out in accordance with the sample delivery.
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