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How to choose shower gel after pregnancy?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-06

after pregnancy, and measurements to reconsideration, skin changes during pregnancy and protect double requirements of fetus, the pregnant mother to reproduce from pregnant women choose effective on the market for shower gel, that how to choose shower gel after the pregnancy, pregnant women bath dew which good?

pregnant pregnant, must pay attention to personal hygiene, so how to choose the suitable bath dew, such as sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete exuberant, sweat and sebaceous secretion increased head, many special changes in hormones in the body. Pregnant mother usually feel gooey feeling of discomfort. Choose suitable for use in pregnant women, shampoo, bath can effectively clean the body, hair, bring the pregnant mother relaxed comfort.

ordinary bath dew, shampoo is the market at present is a chemical synthetic detergent, and generally contain mineral oil, heavy metal, pigment, essential oils and other components. Pregnant mothers use these products, harmful chemicals may be through the pores absorption into the blood microcirculation, they can cause problems for the development of the baby's brain and body, pregnant mother should avoid as far as possible. But pregnancy skin need to put special emphasis on cleaning and maintenance, the pregnant woman is suitable for what kind of shampoo is more effective?

the fetus is especially sensitive on maternal exposure to the outside environment, therefore, maternal health commissioner has suggested: when bathing is better by a pregnant woman pregnant women dedicated products, OEM skin care during pregnancy body, do a good job in clean care as well as larger limit and the assurance of fetal health.

actually pregnant women when choosing shower gel, pregnant women can choose a few more special skincare brands, or is the baby with bath dew, these can reduce skin irritation, the sex is extremely high and dependable. Edible concept, and they promote makeup skincare ingredients derived from our daily acquaintance of soybeans and rice, pregnant mother might as well also can understand.

the pregnant woman is suitable for what kind of shower gel? If it is moisturizing can choose soybean milk nourishes the shower gel, pay attention to when using clean wet body skin, apply adequate amount to shower gel with the entire body, gently massage till a rich foam, then rinse. After taking a bath skin nourishing body lotion to get better effect. And need more water embellish skin whiten the pregnant mother can choose rice silky bath dew.

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