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How to choose skin care products?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-03
With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to external beauty, hoping to have a youthful appearance, smooth skin, and graceful figure. People spend more and more generously on skin care products. Faced with OEM skin care products with many brands, types, and functions, how to choose skin care products makes it difficult for many people. Some people think that expensive skin care products must be better; others think that the more functions of skin care products, the better, and one bottle can be worth several uses; some people think that natural plant skin care products are the best.   So how to choose skin care products? The skin experts of the Asian Beauty Salon Association believe that the quality of skin care products depends on whether it meets your skin care needs. Most skin care products need to be used continuously to condition the skin and restore the best condition. Therefore, to judge whether a skin care product can improve skin problems, you should stick to it for at least eight weeks. Therefore, before using it, you must understand the skin problems you are encountering and whether the skin care products you will use have the effect of improving skin problems. Many people choose skin care products based on their age, skin care products do not know your age, its role is to improve skin problems. If you are just eighteen years old, if your skin is showing signs of initial aging, don’t hesitate to choose anti-aging skin care products. For example, Yaxin Anna's Activating Anti-aging Anti-wrinkle Skin Rejuvenation Set does not add other harmful substances, it is pure and natural, and it returns your beautiful skin.   Many people think that expensive skin care products must have good effects, and cheap skin care products will have a discount. If you plan to buy an expensive skin care product, you can try to learn some knowledge about skin care ingredients and understand the effects of various skin care ingredients. The quality of skin care products is not entirely determined by the price, but the more active ingredients it contains, the price will definitely increase accordingly, but the active ingredients are too complicated and the skin cannot absorb or even cause allergic swelling, then the beauty will not be disfigured. .  Baby skin care products do not mean that they are safe and non-irritating.    Some women pursue safety and no irritation and use a full set of baby skin care products all year round. In fact, this is a wrong approach. Infant use is not equal to zero irritation: Infant care products generally only have the simplest moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients, and the formula is simple. There are no effective skin care ingredients such as whitening, anti-oxidation, and exfoliating, so the probability of causing irritation is relatively low. The current domestic regulations on the ingredients of infant care products are not much different from adult skin care products. Baby skin care products are not suitable for everyone, they can only play the most basic moisturizing and emollient effects.   But baby skin care products also contain ingredients that may cause irritation, such as fragrances, pigments, and preservatives. They do not help inhibit inflammation, soothe the skin, and promote repair. So it will also irritate the skin. It is best to avoid baby skin care products for oily skin. This is because most skin care products for infants and young children are based on mineral oil. Refined high-purity mineral oil is a very effective moisturizer, effectively preventing moisture from evaporating. However, it does not help the skin absorb water or enhance its natural moisturizing power. On the contrary, it will accelerate the sebum secretion of oily skin and cause acne. Plant ingredients can also cause allergies. In recent years, many OEM cosmetics shops have used the banner of pure plants, attracting many female friends who love beauty and advocating natural health. They believe that pure natural plant skin care products are safe and non-irritating, suitable for a variety of skin types. of. Plant skin care products on the market are actually skin care products added with certain plant extracts on the basis of traditional water, oil, and emulsifying skin care products, not skin care products purely derived from plants. Reading these ingredients list advertised as pure natural plant skin care products, you will also see common ingredients in common skin care products such as glycerin, butylene glycol, and titanium dioxide. Natural and plant skin care concepts sound beautiful, but they are not less irritating than synthetic ones, and sometimes they are even more irritating. So how to choose skin care products? If you want to find a safe, non-irritating skin care product, then don’t be fooled by the concepts of plants and pure nature. Read the product description carefully and recognize the ingredients. It is best to make a sensitive skin on the skin of the wrist before use. Test to make sure that you are not allergic to this skin care product, and then use it on your face with peace of mind.
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