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How to choose the children's cosmetics?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-03

children about skin care cosmetics, cleaning, health supplies and prevent bask in segregation product several, in the largest number of cleaning and hygiene products. Baby soap, bath, such as cleaning, etc. ; Health supplies class of talcum powder, talcum powder and drive midge toilet water, etc.

because the baby skin very soft soft, in the choice of OEM cosmetics, consideration should be given to the skin, eyes, no side effects, also should guarantee the products of low stimulation. Choose children cosmetics must grasp the following several basic elements:

it is possible to choose technology professional, cosmetics manufacturing enterprise of children's products; In addition, perfect products, well-known products of choose and buy as much as possible.

2 it is secret recipe composition of choose and buy is very simple, as far as possible without spices, ethanol and its additive products, in order to reduce product cause the risk of irritating to the skin in children and adolescents.

3 is a small vacuum packaging products of choose and buy as far as possible, because every time I use less, so as to buy long shelf life and packing but big products.

four is the baby is not easy to open or broken packaging products, prevent intake or absorption into the pests. Five is not suitable to choose foam plastic products too much, foam plastic products more stimulus is very large, often should choose colour and lustre is pure and fresh, it is advisable to think RunHua after using the product.

in addition, must also suggest parents pay attention to is that before the application for children a new OEM cosmetics, skin test, it is better to do the following specific steps way: the baby by the lower side wipe some of the upper arm, try the product, if the shower gel, after must be diluent wipe, apply once daily, last 3 - Four days, if no allergic skin condition, such as red rash can further application.

in addition, the brand of children's OEM skin care products is not suitable for conversion, often as a baby's skin and need not make adjustment for different skin care products; Don't let kids use adult cosmetics, will add some more functionality later adult cosmetic ingredients, such as whitening skin, anti-aging and so on, this component will be caused great stimulus for children's tender skin, will on the child's skin to cause damage.

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