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How to choose the product brand cosmetics new generation process?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-23

1, the target market positioning, sold to who? Target customer base, the terminal consumer.

products on the market, there are few brands develop themselves, this cost is too high, the early stage of the marginal cost of investment is too big, in other words, the products available in the market to be able to do the goods in the factory, the factory has the experiment to the workshop, to be able to do it, the problem is the brand planning team sales channels, brand positioning how to do it.

2 positioning, product demand, selling what products, sales of the commodity scope and product line.

there are customers looking for the OEM cosmetics manufacturing plant, has the target of the product, this product may be hot style on the market, it is possible that in certain channels, sales promotion, cosmetics industry, but not many people really know, really do good, domestic enterprises are difficult to imitate, but the brand is different, the current domestic brand has a lot of to do good, they have some imitation of foreign brands, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, there are also some oneself do Chinese prescription medica, positioning, accept customer market is also different.

3, brand positioning, how to sell, sales and after-sales service and sales plan.

you are looking for a long-term cooperation of , must go to the factory to see and visit their factory, through the size of the factory director, number can estimate you must can guarantee the production of products, by using the smudge makeup the sample of the factory, take compare to other good quality goods, goods than goods is the criterion for testing truth. Let them look at present certificate, now guangzhou OEM cosmetics listed for the record to check more severe, just right is in two card, certificate for the record review will have basically. OEM cosmetics manufacturer I have been to many small manufacturer, in fact, the difference is not big, the factory area, production capacity, the surrounding environment, the registration certificate, product samples, looking for a responsible for your head, is the important key cooperation save worry.

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