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How to choose the right cosmetics

by:Zanyu     2021-05-03
Everyone knows that people are divided into beauty and ugliness, of course, not only the beauty and ugliness in the soul, but also the beauty and ugliness in appearance. The beauty and ugliness of the soul need to be improved by ethics, but the beauty and ugliness of the appearance need OEM cosmetics to improve. Not everyone can be beautiful. Even so, we can do our best to change, choose the right cosmetics, and make ourselves confident. So how to choose the right cosmetics is a difficult problem. As an excellent cosmetics factory in Guangzhou, Guangzhou gives us some suggestions based on his 15 years of experience. 1. Correctly understand the types of cosmetics. For a girl who wants to be beautiful, if she doesn't even know how many types of cosmetics are divided into, then how do you choose cosmetics that suit you? To be correct, OEM cosmetics are divided into three categories: classified by purpose of use; classified by part of use; and classified by dosage form. 2. Correctly understand the skin type. A girl who wants to be beautiful must have a clear understanding of her skin type. You don't even know if you have oily skin or normal skin, so when choosing cosmetics, it is easy to buy cosmetics that are not suitable for you. Skin types can be divided into 5 types: oily skin; dry skin; normal skin; mixed skin; sensitive skin. Especially for sensitive skin, it is necessary to test the reaction before using cosmetics. 3. For the skin. For example, if our skin is dehydrated, then we can choose some moisturizing cosmetics; if it is for blackheads, choose blackheads cosmetics. Anyway, what kind of cosmetics your skin lacks, you can buy which kind of cosmetics. If you buy it in a targeted manner, your skin will be repaired more deeply. To be a qualified beauty, first choose the right cosmetics. I believe that one day, you will realize your dream.
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