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How to deal with itchy skin and chapped lips in autumn and winter? The correct beauty depends on these 6 tips

by:Zanyu     2021-05-31

  As soon as the beginning of winter has passed and the winter has officially entered, the cold and dry, cold wind will immediately make people feel that the skin is itchy, and the lips are dehydrated and chapped. What should I do if the skin is dry in autumn and winter?

  They are white-collar fans in the south like Guangdong. They are hot for most of the year, so they work in air-conditioned rooms most of the time. Although it is cooler and more comfortable, the skin is getting drier and dry, especially in the office. After a long time, it will feel tight and severely dehydrated. At this time, a humidifier can be placed next to and in the bedroom at home to increase the humidity of the surrounding air and relieve the skin's dehydration state.

   When it is very itchy, don't use your hands to relieve the uncomfortable moment. Scratching the skin if it is not handled in time can cause bacterial infection, causing inflammation of the affected area and expanding infection. Moreover, wearing clothes in this climate will be more thick and thick, which is not conducive to ventilation of the affected area.

   change and wash frequently, choose a mild shower gel, and after cleaning, you can consider applying moisturizer, it is recommended to buy according to personal skin condition!

   dry skin, Many people will lick their lips, and the result will directly become a sausage mouth, which is super dry and uncomfortable.

   In fact, licking the lips with the tongue can only make the dry lips get a brief moisturization through saliva. When the moisture of the lips being licked evaporates, it will take away more moisture inside the lips

   Besides, saliva contains amylase, mucin and other substances, which is relatively thick. Licking on dry lips is equivalent to smearing. When the upper layer of paste encounters dry air, the moisture will quickly evaporate, causing the contraction of deep connective tissues and wrinkling of the lip mucosa, resulting in more licking and drier, drier and more licking, more licking and more painful, more licking The vicious circle of cracking.

   Protect the lips, wash the lips with warm water 3 to 4 times a day, when the lips are dry, apply a lip balm to moisturize the lip mucous membrane in time. It is recommended that pregnant women use its natural beeswax lip balm, natural, natural moist.

   usually drink plenty of water, pay attention to the water temperature, don't drink too hot water! There are more foods that promote body fluid and nourish yin.

   Pay attention to a balanced diet, not a partial eclipse, not picky eaters, eat more foods rich in vitamin B2, such as fresh green leafy vegetables, carrots, whole grains, soy products, milk, animal liver, etc.

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