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How to distinguish between regular Korean facial mask oem manufacturers

by:Zanyu     2021-05-05
The sudden emergence of e-commerce has brought broad market prospects for the cosmetic oem u200bu200bindustry. A few days ago, CCTV’s 'Economy Half an Hour' column exposed that the internationally renowned brand cosmetics sold by Dangdang and Amazon did not come from formal channels, and even fakes. Behind cosmetics that seem to be sold through formal e-commerce channels, brands are facing a serious trust crisis . In recent years, the rise of WeChat Moments has opened up a broad market for mask oem manufacturers. As a result, all kinds of facial masks, hydrating, whitening and other cosmetics were flooded in the circle of friends. In fact, most of them are the result of the OEM of mask oem manufacturers.   Are these genuine products imported from abroad? A search in Guangzhou found that the prices of many top international brands of cosmetics sold online are only half of the counter prices, and there are even buy gifts or cash back activities. According to relevant information, among the top ten e-commerce complaints in 2014, e-commerce cosmetics remained high. Even the well-known OEM cosmetics CEO publicly developed a blog that 80% of the international brand cosmetics sold on XX are of unknown origin.   Aside from e-commerce, many physical stores have also begun to appear chaotic. A lady who did not want to reveal her name responded to Guangzhou. Under the introduction of a friend, she bought a well-known Korean moisturizer from a cosmetics store near the university campus. According to the boss, she brought it back from South Korea, but after returning to use it , It is different from the original product purchased at the counter before, and a careful comparison found that it is tricky. As far as international brand cosmetics are concerned, parallel imports of fakes have swept the entire Chinese cosmetics market. As a truly international brand, quality determines the price. Is the quality guaranteed at such a low price?   So, cosmetics distributors are distressed, where can I find authorized products imported through regular channels? How can the user know that this is the original authentic product authorized by the brand?     Facing the chaotic cosmetics industry, regular brands have found the most lethal weapon-brand authorization. The CEO of Guangzhou Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as) told reporters that the so-called authorization is a protection token given to operators by the brand, which not only protects the distribution of goods through regular channels of dealers, but also protects the interests of consumers. This is also the main reason for always insisting on being the exclusive agent of international brands. In 2014, Guangzhou was the sole agent of two major beauty brands in South Korea-Yaxin Annahe. It also officially announced that Yaxin Anna and the agents of Guangzhou are officially authorized by top Korean brands, and are currently the only exclusive agent in China. Distributor friends, please rest assured that we would rather bear high import tariffs to ensure the brand's formal reputation and product quality, and we will never sell products from informal channels for profit. As far as Guangzhou is concerned, excellent quality is the most basic factor for developing the American market. More than 180 research teams in this department will develop products together with dozens of local American researchers, and produce products through rigorous quality management standards. Will show the best quality. Guangzhou is the only Guangzhou cosmetics factory that can have a Ru0026D team in the US. In the US market, another advantage that Guangzhou has is rapid and accurate service. In this way, the Guangzhou American corporation that quickly and accurately conveys the best quality products to customers will shape the myth of the American market in the cosmetics industry.   Guangzhou, based on the best quality and the highest service, can lead the research on a variety of products that consumers need, and provide a differentiated marketing strategy for customer companies. Guangzhou, which has many customer companies, can also stand in a position to understand and interpret the diverse needs of consumers more quickly and accurately. While meeting the diversified needs of customers and companies, we will study changes in consumer demand orientation and establish an equal and win-win model with our partners. So the real quality is the only way to distinguish the regular Korean facial mask OEM manufacturers.
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