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How to do their skincare brand?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-05

registered company and registered trademark help?

general situation, the best third party technology professional agencies, all OEM cosmetics manufacturers to help, how to return a responsibility, technical professional enterprises in the national trademark office trademark registration, some problem is very easy to mistake, but that enterprises apply for registration of goods not clear in the food and drug administration for the record, what can not according to, as if said some multifarious, me for example, a famous brand for processing, to apply for the trademark logo has a 'thin' word, but the food and drug administration for the record the 'thin' words belongs to special cosmetics, generally deal with the record is not according to, so at the time that the registered trademark according to, but the third class of drug safety unit specification protects skin to taste.

company registration generally charge 2000 yuan, up and down is not the same in different time, a complete words generally 5 - Eight working days to process, the relevant trademark logo, apply for registration cost 1500 - Among 2000, not the same area for the discrepancy is quite big, generally take 2 - here in hebei province said Within 5 working days to trial, the TM mark in 10 - 15 days receive electronic device returns, will be able to manufacture to do production and processing, time is long in some other areas, but 2 - 3 months to be able to get the trial order.

how is packaging material cycle time?

actually factory do goods cycle time is not much apart, here shows several aspects will be clear in the truth, just know do factory said the time of shipment and your heart how can have access. Packaging bottles do goods cycle time yakeli board is generally 45 days, spot transactions do private seal generally 10 days or less, if want to do custom-made acrylic glass bottle for mould, cost will be very high, look at the shape of the bottle of difficulty have different price general mould cost tens of thousands of yuan, plastic hose, delivery cycle time do you usually do at 15 20 days, can play goods sample.

hydrating mask in vacuum bags of goods cycle time do you usually do for 15 days, anti-counterfeiting mark in 12 days commonly, handmade box processing complex and generally, generally 10 - 20 days, the glass bottle with spot trading of 7 days of delivery, general of carton is 6 - 7 days, sticker in 4 - 5 days, also want to consider the regulation of dozen samples such as mail it back and forth can not measure the time.

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