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How to identify the pros and cons of cleanser - Cosmetics OEM generation of processing plants

by:Zanyu     2020-10-15
How to identify the pros and cons of cleanser - Cosmetics OEM co-packer cleanser can't disorderly buy, teach you three simple method to distinguish the pros and cons of cleanser. Cleanser and skin care products on the market now more numerous and more natural product quality is uneven, facial ministry allergy negative coverage is multifarious also, not to mention the counterfeit and from undesirable businessman cleanser. In this case, the gu cool using cleanser is scared, afraid of their use cleanser is inferior product, today zhuhai new small make up to you how to identify advantages and disadvantages of three small method of cleanser. Method 1, check whether the face is dry, within ten minutes after we wash it hard not to put on the skin on the face of any protect skin to taste, if feel very dry face in ten minutes, then this cleanser is alkaline, facial skin itself is weak base state, if use the PH value of alkaline foam cleanser, can damage the face skin membrane, for a long time of facial skin water fat disorder, your skin is slant oily can use this kind of alkali cleanser. Method 2, when washing a face cleanser is dazzling, this method than the above method is simple, when we use the cleanser clean face, trying to open my eyes, and inferior stimulate eyes feeling, can be in when washing a face, open your eyes don't feel stimulate an eye, means that this cleanser is gentle, will not harm the skin. Method 3, barbecue with fire foam cleanser, there would be another method of if not be at ease, can squeeze it cleanser on the spoon, surface of burn cleanser, if after cleanser was fire spill oil stains and accompanied by the smell of Moscow, show that the product is incomplete, if the fire after cleanser is shaped like milk, then you can rest assured to use this cleanser. Mr Page, cosmetics co-packer, independent research and development, quality assurance
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