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How to improve oily skin How to improve oily skin

by:Zanyu     2021-06-05

  A common trouble with oily skin and mixed oily skin in autumn and winter is that the oily skin feels tight and dry while the oil is released, and the water and oil can not be filled in, and the oil is dull. What is terrible is that many times the acne will not last. . So how can we treat this symptom of yin and yang imbalance?


  Question 1: Dry and oily so troublesome


   In autumn and winter, the climate is relatively dry, and the humidity in the air is not enough , It will cause less oil secretion, and the oily skin and mixed oil itself have a relatively strong oil secretion, especially in the summer when the oil is higher than the oil, and the water is not supplied, this will happen While the oil is coming out, it feels dry and tight, and the stratum corneum will become dry and brittle.




  1Replenish water and oil at the same time


   is not only oily skin, even mixed oily skin will be depressed when you hear this, right? Why do you need to replenish oily skin? The oil supplement mentioned here is not to make you really use high-oil products, but to appropriately match refreshing and oil-containing creams. If you don’t need creams in this season, the skin's moisture loss will be more serious, which will cause you to get oily at the same time. Dry embarrassment.


   is a lot of local oil, and it is already the limit with the use of lotion. Apply the cream on a dry place. Use lotion on the oily area. You can use a cotton pad. Wiping can avoid the embarrassment of inexhaustible absorption and floating on the surface.


  2 Don’t be afraid of oil control


   Many girls encounter dry skin and localized If you use oil, you will feel that you are short of water, all kinds of crazy supplements, and you are not guilty of supplementing the water.


   should not choose moisturizing products for oily skin and mixed oily skin. They should be refreshing. The more refreshing the better, the better the moisturizing effect. Use a cotton pad to moisturize. Then apply it locally on the oily area. Remember to cut the cotton pad to the same size as the oily area. Avoid dry areas that use too much oil control products to become drier.


   I will tell you a little extra, how to deal with oily, especially during the day, if there is no good OEM skin care treatment


   Ice! Of course, the temperature difference should not be too great, otherwise it will easily lead to skin sensitivity. Ice can reduce the speed of skin oil and relieve the greasy feeling. This is a small first aid method during the day. You can try it.


  3 needs to be different during the day and night


   For people with oily skin, the products used during the day must be To be more refreshing, and a little moisturizing can be used at night.


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