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How to judge the safety of cosmetics?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-28

full of beautiful things in eyes of cosmetics brands on the market, consumers how to choose from in a wide range of cosmetics category of safe and reliable products, to determine whether a product safety compliance?

a, query website of national drug supervision and administration of cosmetics for the record

each allowed in the domestic sales of cosmetics are requires products in the food and drug supervision department for the record, finally unified information released by the state drug administration website, in order to offer to the public for enquiry.

2, through the preliminary judging the safety of cosmetics cosmetics label compliance

consumers may feel picking out the cosmetics, the Internet query products for record too much trouble. In fact, through cosmetics label can preliminary judging the safety compliance.

according to the regulations of the general consumers use cosmetics label, cosmetics packaging need labeling information is as follows:

1. Product trademark and name, foreign agent in China, in addition to the marked with English, must have the corresponding Chinese.

2。 Packing and packaging is a registered name and address. Brand products are usually with their own website, or even with the phone number.

3。 Net content. Generally expressed in mass or volume, some also expressed in length, such as lipstick.

4。 Production date and shelf life, or production batch number and date of use within a time limit.

5。 production license and product quality standards.

6。 Matters needing attention, tutorials, storage conditions, and all the ingredients in their product identity.

7。 for special use OEM cosmetics should show the special approval number.

8。 Imported cosmetics should also indicate the approval number or filing document number.

even if a cosmetics cosmetics, to meet the two standards are also might have happened to the quality of the products on the Internet or use the security question.

in fact, every product in the food and drug regulator for the record, the products are required to submit inspection report issued by the testing of the inspection institutions must have the qualifications to cosmetics. According to CCTV net 'into the laboratory | how to recognize' yan 'cosmetics', such a survey report, need to complete the long and complicated process. Among them, the only cosmetic ingredients testing will take a lot of time. In addition, test and animal experiments, recruiting volunteers test observation and so on the many kinds of testing project. Therefore, independent and authoritative third-party inspection agency's report is reliable.

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