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How to maintain loose and rough skin? Tightening and delicate skin care tips

by:Zanyu     2021-06-01

   Affected by progesterone, the skin metabolism of pregnant mothers slows down, and with age, the skin renewal ability becomes worse. The loose and rough skin is a skin problem faced by many pregnant mothers. How can pregnant mothers change maintenance and restore firmness? What about delicate and young skin?

  Slacks and rough skin need proper exfoliation

  Exfoliation can help skin problems with rough skin and dull skin, but excessive exfoliation will cause the skin to lose With the protection of the stratum corneum, it is easy to lose moisture, causing the skin to be more dry and rough, and even cause bacteria to enter the skin of the food protection layer to cause infection. Exfoliation can remove aging cuticle cells on the surface, but the cuticle also has the effect of locking in moisture, so the interval between each exfoliation is better than two weeks.

  Slacks and rough skin need to eat more fruits and vegetables

  Many fruits and vegetables with high vitamin content can help skin maintenance, and fresh fruits and melons contain sufficient water, which can be Increase the natural moisture in the body. Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant function, which can delay skin aging, make the skin more delicate, and eliminate the troubles of loose and rough skin.

  Slacks and rough skin require reasonable use of OEM cosmetics

   are essential products for pregnant mothers in the new era, but cosmetics also need to be used reasonably, which must be based on your own Find the right cosmetics for your skin, and remove makeup in time after make-up. Residual substances will damage the skin.

  Slacks and rough skin need to ensure sleep

  Affected by the baby, women will experience insufficient sleep during pregnancy, so the skin cannot get effective rest, which will increase the burden of metabolism and last long Fatigue can cause the skin to lose its elasticity, leading to loose and rough skin. Therefore, we must ensure adequate sleep every day and develop the habit of going to bed early.

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