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How to maintain the leading position in cosmetics oem

by:Zanyu     2021-05-05
As the most popular product for women, cosmetics seems to have never had a sales bottleneck. However, as a fast-moving consumer product, the huge number of users and the amazing speed of use of OEM cosmetics have caused obstacles to the production and supply of cosmetics. If a cosmetics company wants to make a good brand, it not only starts with product quality, but more importantly, product promotion, marketing plan planning, and user-friendly services. Restricted by many factors, foundry seems to have become the only breakthrough, and this will also become the future development model of cosmetics companies. Domestic women's demand for international high-end cosmetics has broken the original market supply balance. In order to meet China's market demand without increasing the cost of OEM cosmetics production, domestic OEM production has emerged. Therefore, a large part of the high-end cosmetics you use now are made in China, rather than imported from overseas. Foundry, this is not a way of no return, but a shortcut to achieve a win-win situation. When the company has no time to take care of the two main lines of production and sales, foundry is arguably the wisest choice. Through foundry, not only can the company's own labor and equipment costs be saved, the separated time, energy and funds can also be focused on product development and sales, thereby providing more adequate protection for the open market. In addition, for OEM products, the related costs of supervision and management are eliminated. At the same time, the strict sampling inspection process and the specification of product standards can better guarantee the quality of the products. Although OEM production is the future development trend of cosmetics, the self-sufficiency of some companies has curbed the pace of OEMs, which is not popular in the domestic OEM cosmetics market. There are even many companies that still firmly believe in integrating product development, production, packaging, and sales, and OEM production is just a performance of the company's unprofessionalism. In fact, OEM production not only guarantees the original professionalism of the brand, but also makes it easier to devote the main energy to more needed departments, thereby making the division of labor more and more detailed, better serving the products, and making profits for the enterprise. South Korea and Japan are the world's largest cosmetics producers. The largest exporter of their cosmetics every year is China. In the face of China's large population and huge demand, adopting an OEM production model has long been the only way to comply with market demand. Although many Chinese companies have not realized the importance of separating the production and sales of cosmetics, the general trend is that OEM production will inevitably become the mainstream trend of cosmetics. At present, with the fierce competition brought about by the world's cosmetic OEM giants' involvement in the Chinese market, some OEM companies will gradually transition to ODM. Compared with OEMs that are purely foundry, ODM has more advantages in its own core technology. The transition from OEM to ODM requires companies to have stronger formulas and production technologies. Some OEM companies have also begun to build their own independent brands and Ru0026D teams to achieve a win-win situation as much as possible. In order to give entrepreneurs who join acne treatment a chance, and to expand brand influence and market share, special preferential joining conditions and joining plans are introduced. Professional Acne Treatment has formulated a franchise policy that is free of franchise fees, and is the first to propose a characteristic worry-free model of whole store output, and comprehensively supports franchisees to quickly establish beauty salons. Franchisees do not need to worry about the cumbersome details in the process of opening a store.   One-stop support from characteristic business support to in-store guidance, training support, opening support, management support, advertising support, and logistics distribution, etc., to minimize the trouble of franchisees in opening a store. In addition, professional acne treatment also established a one-star beauty salon project of 7,800 special for investment entrepreneurs who are relatively short of funds to help investors get rich with small ventures and small investments. To open a beauty salon, you need to find a strong backing. The brand must be loud. The beauty salons of professional salons are not advertising outdoor, TV advertising effects, but the popularity generated by word-of-mouth publicity. The public’s reputation is good, and the beauty salon can operate well. . In terms of brand building and aspects, they always invest heavily. Every year, huge amount of advertising is arranged, covering TV, newspapers, newspapers, and the Internet. Strong brand promotion can effectively promote the terminal market operation of large franchise stores.
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