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How to make hand sanitizer?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-12
Hand sanitizer is a clean hand skin cleaning fluid, some specific ingredients can have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, can be divided into common type, disinfection, heavy oil hand sanitizer. A lot of people don't know how hand sanitizer.

your liquid soap making method produced liquid soap liquid soap, can the be fond of according to family, use of safeguard, milk soap produce different effect of cleaning and maintenance, such as fashion and individuality of household 'hand wash', already increased the life interest, and save the expenses.

tools/raw material: soap, soap, perfume, essential oil, rose water or a few honey;

1 the soap and cut it into small pieces, or collect the rest of the soap header;

2, add water heating melting or directly add distilled water shaking soak for a few days;

3, add a few drops of perfume, essential oil, rose water or a few honey, stir fully;

4, loading pressure type absorption liquid soap or is the empty bottle of lotion.

note: homemade hand sanitizer shelf life is short, the best two or three months.
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