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How to moisturize the skin of pregnant mothers in winter?

by:Zanyu     2021-07-05
In cold wind hunting, dry air environment and continuous working in air-conditioning environment, pregnant mothers find that skin dehydration often occurs. The skin care specialist during pregnancy said that if pregnant mothers do not take care of moisturizing for a long time, wrinkles and other skins will occur. problem. So how to moisturize the skin of pregnant mothers in winter? 1. Drink water correctly for three meals. If you have dry skin, drink a cup of honey and jujube water after getting up. It can nourish the yin and moisturize the lungs and also regulate the complexion. Drink a cup of Pu-erh tea after lunch, which is moisturizing and anti-oxidant. Drink a glass of warm water in the evening to add moisture. Such a regular and correct diet can effectively combat dry skin. 2. Don't take a bath with too hot water. People like to take a hot bath in winter. However, the water temperature that is good for the skin is warm water, because hot water will completely wash off the natural oils on the skin, and this natural oil is much more effective than using skin care products after bathing to resolve dryness. Bathing in winter generally does not exceed 15 minutes. If you must take a hot bath, pregnant mothers should remember to use the soy milk shower gel specially developed for pregnant women, which is gentle and guaranteed. After the bath, you should apply rice body lotion in time when the skin is not completely dry to help infiltrate the moisturizing ingredients into the upper layer of the skin. 3. Pay attention to moisturizing the skin. After taking a shower, you should also apply moisturizing pregnant women's skin care products to the facial skin in time. The facial skin loses serious moisture and appears tight. 4. Pay attention to diet. Diet can take care of the skin from the inside of the body. Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, radishes, and rapeseed are rich in vitamin C and β-carotene, which can help promote skin metabolism in winter and help the skin to regenerate. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts and other foods are rich in vitamin E and vitamin B, which help moisturize and replenish skin moisture.
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