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How to save the radiation muscle and maintain the skin 5 tricks for pregnant women at work

by:Zanyu     2021-07-07

   Workplace pregnant mothers not only face the pressure of pregnancy, but also face the pressure of work. Faced with computer radiation and the effects of pregnancy all day long, their skin will become worse and worse, their appearance will be damaged, and their mood will be depressed. From then on, how do pregnant women in the workplace take care of their skin?

  Do a good job of facial isolation before going to work

   Most white-collar workers need to use the computer for a long time. Electromagnetic radiation should not be underestimated. The screen radiation generates static electricity, which is easier to absorb dust, and it is more likely to cause spots and wrinkles if you face each other for a long time. For radiation, it is necessary to do a good job of face protection, and it is better to apply a barrier cream before going out.

  moisturizing skin care products with you

   dark yellow, spots, acne, wrinkles, these are common skin problems that plague the office girl eyebrows, pregnant mothers may wish to carry moisturizing skin care products , This can avoid excessive dehydration of the skin. The skin is facing the computer all day, and there will definitely be a problem of lack of water. Therefore, in the middle of the morning and afternoon, apply some moisturizers. It is recommended that pregnant mothers carry soy milk moisturizing spray.

  Wash your face in time

   When you get home from get off work, it’s better to wash your face immediately and use a facial cleanser to wash off the static electricity on your face, and static electricity is adsorbed on your face Dust particles on the surface. For washing your face, use rice nourishing facial cleanser to prevent oxidation and remove oil at the same time.

  Apply the eye mask every other day

   People who often work on the computer will also suffer eye damage. Not only is the eye skin prone to wrinkles, it is also easy to cause pigmentation. Applying the eye mask two to three times a week can provide essential nutrients to the eye skin, make the eyes no longer dry, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  Clean up the skin once a week

  The static electricity generated when the computer is turned on will cause dust to attach to the computer, and it will also attract the dust in our pores, so Regularly do deep exfoliation and cleansing to clean up the dust and mud in the pores, which will block the pores and affect the normal metabolism of the skin. In this way, even if you face the computer every day, your skin will not become dark yellow and loose. In addition to cleaning up the skin every week, remember to wash the skin carefully after using the computer every day, so that the skin will reduce the adsorption of dust and keep the skin free to breathe.

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