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How to take care of your skin in summer

by:Zanyu     2021-06-27

  How to take care of the skin in summer? In summer, strong ultraviolet rays can cause the accumulation of the stratum corneum of the skin, which affects the overall absorption of the skin. Therefore, many pregnant mothers will regularly perform exfoliating care for the skin. However, due to the particularity of pregnancy, there are certain requirements for the choice of care products and the time for exfoliating. The skin care specialist during pregnancy pointed out that it is better for pregnant mothers to choose natural and gentle skin care products, and to avoid the three special periods of exfoliating care.

  1. Acne on the face

   After pregnancy, under the influence of progesterone, many pregnant mothers develop large and small acne on their faces. In order to improve the skin's clear and moisturizing texture and remove the aging keratin clogged in the pores, pregnant women often carry out certain exfoliating care. The skin care specialist during pregnancy expressed doubts about this practice, and emphasized that when the skin forms acne, it is like growing a pustule on the face. If squeezing and rubbing at this time, it will cause the breakage of the acne and the appearance of the skin. Wounds are extremely easy to cause infection and inflammation. during pregnancy, if there is acne growth, pregnant mothers are better to choose soy milk nourishing facial cleanser, etc., to do a gentle cleansing of the skin.

  Second, red blood streaks appear on facial allergies

   Pregnant mothers with sensitive skin for a long time will find that there are shades on both sides of their cheeks Shallow red blood streaks. But they did not realize that their skin is already in an extremely sensitive state. If they continue to carry out exfoliating care, they will only repeatedly wear down the top layer of keratin, continuously weaken the skin's barrier capacity, and exacerbate the state of skin sensitivity and discomfort. The skin care specialist during pregnancy said that such pregnant mothers should not blindly carry out exfoliating care, but should choose chamomile series for effective soothing, and at the same time pay attention to massage with essential oils to enhance skin keratin immunity and resistance.

  3. Pregnant skin, sunburn and peeling

   If you don’t have a good skin isolation protection when you go out, once you are exposed to strong ultraviolet rays for a long time, your mother’s skin will be prone to sunburn , Peeling problem. The OEM skin care specialist during pregnancy pointed out that at this stage, the skin urgently needs to be soothed and calmed. Exfoliating care will cause severe skin irritation. Therefore, before the skin has recovered after the sun, pregnant women must avoid the use of exfoliating products and use a moisturizing mask for nourishment and soothing.

  How to take care of the skin in summer? Although exfoliating products help to promote the formation of the emerging stratum corneum, blind exfoliation can cause serious irritation to the skin and damage the skin texture. For skin care during pregnancy, it is better to choose mild and multi-effect skin care products for pregnant women to prescribe the right medicine to maintain the healthy state of the skin.

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