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Importance of cosmetic shelf life

by:Zanyu     2021-05-11
Most of the cosmetics we usually use are made by Guangzhou cosmetics factories. Many people don’t pay much attention to the importance of the shelf life of cosmetics when they use them. Many times they go back to use the past cosmetics without knowing it. In fact, they don’t know how to use them. Expired cosmetics are very harmful to the human body. Today I will first tell you how to distinguish the expiration date of cosmetics, and secondly, I will tell you what kind of harm cosmetics can bring us. Under normal circumstances, the use period of cosmetics is as follows: Cleanser: 1-3 years, once the taste, discoloration, turbidity or precipitation begins to appear, you cannot use the scrub: 1-3 years Toner: 1-3 years Shrink water: In principle, it can be stored One-and-a-half years lotion: 2-3 years, it deteriorates quickly, once there is a peculiar smell, do not use the mask: 2 years Blush: 2-3 years, but can not be directly applied to the face, it needs to be applied to OEM skin care products to avoid irritating the skin and eyes Makeup remover: 1-3 years. Mascara: use for 3-6 months after opening. Once it starts to thicken or clump, you can no longer use eyeliner: liquid form can be stored for 3-6 months, ordinary eyeliner can be stored for more than 10 years Hair care mousse: 3-year expiration cosmetics hazard 1: breeding of bacteria. For many women, lipstick and mascara are always essential items for banquets and dance parties. In order to maintain their image, many girls even go to banquets, In the middle of the dance party secretly ran to the bathroom to apply lipstick and mascara for makeup. Even those girls who don't often attend banquets and dance parties will keep these two items in their makeup boxes, because in life, they will inevitably go to some formal occasions like interviews, so the image can't be sloppy. At the same time, because these items are usually used in small amounts, cute lipsticks and mascaras are often put in the makeup box for one or two years or even longer. In fact, for products such as lipstick and mascara, they contain a lot of organic ingredients. Once stored for longer than the shelf life, bacteria will easily grow. In addition, lipstick and mascara directly touch our lips and eyelashes, which makes it easier Bacterial infections are often more likely to cause damage to your health. Using expired mascara can cause eye infections, and will be accompanied by symptoms such as redness, itching, and swelling, while expired lipsticks can cause our lips to become dry and blisters. In severe cases, it can even cause oral diseases. The second hazard of expired cosmetics: loss of maintenance function, harmful and unhelpful ultraviolet rays on women's skin is self-evident, even in the spring, letting the sun be exposed to the sun will cause great damage to the skin. Therefore, sunscreen is definitely a must-have for girls to travel at home. Sunscreen can effectively inhibit the production of melanin, and can prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays in the sun to the skin, and prevent sunburn and tan. So how long is the shelf life of sunscreen? I'm afraid many girls can't answer. Some people have used a bottle of sunscreen for two years or two years, and if they have not used it up, they still reluctant to throw it away. In fact, cosmetics such as sunscreens are frequently opened and oxidized after excessive exposure to air. This inconspicuous change will reduce the sunscreen function of sunscreens. Therefore, girls are advised to use up sunscreen as much as possible in the year. If the amount is not large, it is recommended to buy OEM cosmetics in small packages. This will not only save the cost of cosmetics, but also get a more effective sunscreen effect. The third hazard of expired cosmetics: Causes skin allergies. In many cases, foundations are the most used and largest cosmetics, so under normal circumstances, there will be no expiration. At the same time, foundation is also the one with the largest contact area among all cosmetics. Whether it is foundation or liquid foundation expired, I suggest you stop using it immediately. Because once the foundation expires, the damage to the skin will often be relatively large, and the consequences will be disastrous. Expired foundation is easy to induce skin allergic reactions, and its unmeasurable irritation and bacteria can also cause skin damage. In addition, the concealing performance of the expired foundation will also decrease, which will affect the image of girls. Therefore, no matter from the perspective of safety or practicality, I recommend girls to discard the expired foundation. Reasonable use of cosmetics is a weapon for every girl to keep young and beautiful, and once the cosmetics in the makeup box expire or deteriorate, they will become a health killer for girls.
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