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In the winter with what to protect skin to taste good?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-09
One to fall and winter, the weather is dry, the skin will be urticant, thigh, calf, in particular, on the opposite side of the waist is very urticant, especially to sleep at night, very afflictive. The pregnant mother should I do? Bath can't be too hot bath if you use the hot water, can damage the surface of the skin grease, let the capillaries expansion, affect the basic metabolism of skin, increase skin dryness and itching, even appear desquamate phenomenon. The best bath water temperature from 24 to 29 degrees. Don't use bath dew every time a lot of people feel if you don't use bath dew, always feel not washed clean. In fact, this is a bad habit, too frequent use of shower gel, can lead to more oil on the skin by neutralizing wash out, especially dry skin, it needs to protect these natural oils. So in the winter, the pregnant mother can every once or twice and then use a shower gel. Can't scrub and catch a lot of people feel, every time a flush with hot water, be an itch itchy place, then will scratch, with a towel. This is wrong, whether to take a bath or at any time, itchy skin, have less as far as possible to scratch and rub. Stratum corneum, lipid membrane on the surface of the skin together constitutes the barrier layer of the skin, not only can protect the body from damage outside, also can prevent the loss of nutrients in the body, especially the water. Willing to use rubbing towel rub will destroy this layer of protective film. Use the special lotion of pregnant women in winter skin itching, pregnant mother to pay attention to the extraction of natural plant extract lotion, the choose and buy the lotion nourishing and moisturizing effect is better. So on each big BBS harvest 2017 pregnant mother mouth bean milk skin nourishing body lotion, its main function from wild soybean seed extract, butter fat of fruit of fruit trees, soybean milk formula, mild stimulation, light weight easy to absorb, can effectively improve the pregnant mother's skin is dry, rough, tight situation. More fruits and vegetables, keep your skin enough moisture dry skin, filling water is the key. The pregnant mother first to get into the habit of often drink water, don't wait until thirsty to remember to drink water. At the same time, also want to add more vegetables and fruits, as far as possible is very important to dry skin water supplement. Close-fitting clothes to wear cotton clothes is soft and breathable cotton clothes, do not stimulate the skin, to protect the skin effect is better, for skin sensitive pregnant mother during pregnancy, wearing also is very comfortable.
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