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Ing pregnancy skin care focus on neck maintains the incarnation makings beautiful mom

by:Zanyu     2020-11-07
Maintenance of gestation, neck, tend to be ignored by most of the pregnant mother. Pregnancy OEM skin care specialist says, the neck skin is more fragile than face, if you don't have to do daily maintenance, can appear to speed up the aging speed. to maintain the neck skin during pregnancy? A, do a good job cleaning, keep the neck relaxed and clean the face and neck as exposed for a long time, also need to carefully clean every day. Neck skin vulnerable, need to use the texture mild cleaning products, such as bean milk nourishing cleanser cleaning, cleaning with massage technique, gentle cleaning from down to up, can achieve a deeper cleaning effect. In addition, still can use face chamfer simple product to neck do chamfer, choosing products use fresh texture soft, shoulds not be too fat products, using spiral from down to up to rub your neck and behind the ears, after wash to use to moisturize the skin toner, stay dry neck. Second, moisturizing is very important to the neck in neck though is not so easy to face out of oil, but easy to dry, once water shortage will lead to neck lines, so it's very important to protect wet, can use the pregnant women dedicated to the neck of olive oil moisturizing, apply adequate amount to the palm, and then two palms friction to warm, gently daub from down to up in the neck. Three, neck daily maintain a tip 1, don't bend state for a long time, such as working desk, place the phone with neck while record something by hand, etc. 2, often massage neck, neck slightly lifted back, both hands middle finger and index finger together, fingers slightly hard, from down to up, push up to the neck skin, repeat for 5 minutes. 3, good sunscreen, wipe out front segregation frost, remember to put the neck also apply. 4, timely filling water, carrying liquid filling water at any time, from time to time moisturize to neck. 5, don't use too hot bath wash the neck skin, otherwise it will stimulate the premature skin ageing, neck lines. Beautiful neck, with white and tender will brings to the pregnant mother temperament on big promotion, add elegant texture. during pregnancy, pregnant mother in the maintenance of the neck, must choose ingredients, mild nature of maintain article, avoid choose to have beautiful white effect of products, so as not to cause stimulation to the skin and tire baby.
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