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Insist on the principle of six pregnant women how to protect skin to taste

by:Zanyu     2020-11-16
Pregnant in October, many have become careful and cautious, in the face of skin care products, are showing an unprecedented vigilance. Gestation, skin care to pregnant women sex principle, avoid into skin. Pregnant women can use protect skin to taste? Pregnant women to protect skin to taste how should choose? , OEM cosmetics ingredients to see, whitening acne can't use such as pregnant women when buying any protect skin to taste, should choose to do not contain harmful chemicals to protect skin to taste, especially has the effect of whitening, acne removing products effect, more should be avoided. Watch the harmful substances into the body, can affect the health of the fetus, induce deformity, seriously affect fetal development. Second, according to choose suitable for the different skin protect skin to taste of each person's skin to skin is different, some people is oily, some are dry, some people are mixed. When selecting a skincare products we can first check your skin nature, buy suits own is good. Especially pregnant women, skin will be changed as the body of hormone, and so should apply some on your hand first before buying, such as more than ten minutes, see have the symptoms of itching, pain and discomfort. Third, pay attention to the quality skin care products, choose the high-profile in early pregnancy, to protect skin to taste never perfunctory choices, must pay attention to the quality of OEM skin care products, pay attention to the product label, production date, description and taboo. It remains to be seen whether the packaging is complete, clean. For the sake of their own health and the growth of the baby, better choose some high-profile reputation good OEM skin care brand. Four, maternal use baby protects skin to taste is not necessarily a good many mothers know the dangers of common OEM skin care products, so to choose the baby protects skin to taste, such as baby oil, think the baby should use protect skin to taste, cheaper, also won't have harm to the child. But the baby protects skin to taste few nutrients. Pregnant women skin aging fast, need a lot of nutrition, baby protects skin to taste cannot be effectively compensated for maternal women brought about by the loss of skin moisture, nutrients and little effect on the improvement of the skin. Five, the product is given priority to with its moisturizing during pregnancy, pregnant women's skin becomes sensitive than usual, it is easy to allergy. Daily use protect skin to taste in many functions: moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening, etc. But for women in pregnancy, protect skin to taste function too much, means that protect skin to taste the composition of the complex. Not all components are suitable for each of the pregnant women, although some ingredients, but there are still pregnant women not adapt. Moisture nourish this kind of basis functions to protect skin to taste is more suitable for pregnant women. Six, cleaning products should choose a mild cleaning during pregnancy to select the product of moderate no stimulation, make two skin cleaning in the morning and evening, at the same time pay attention to the follow-up of hydrating. Pregnant, a pregnant women, moderate special protect skin to taste, although no longer a startling maintenance effect in a short period of time. But it can guarantee the fetal health, protect skin from harmful chemicals. During pregnancy, pregnant mother notice also choose joint individual needs to protect skin to taste, don't blindly follow suit to buy foreign brands.
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