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Inspection of cosmetics have what way?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-03

many OEM cosmetics customers looking for people, before the selected products, all the sample (s) must show the relative people ( Or call boilerplate) 。 Model is the key, after the time that the production batch is on the basis of customer choose model to clear. manufacturer inspection way have what method?

1, PH test paper test method

a person's skin to acidic, therefore can only acid OEM skin care products can be proper maintenance of the skin. Small first when buying skincare product besmear is on PH paper, more than ten minutes to check the dipstick paint color card, such as the product of alkali, should be applied.

2, silver ring distinguish lipstick or

lipsticks contain lead, when choosing a lipstick to find these lead less as far as possible, and the lower to the higher. Little imagine, how can you understand of lead in lipstick is how many? Silver ring can easily distinguish! Wipe lipstick try on their own hands, then use the silver ring in friction, above ground while observing her lipstick is tonal change, black lipstick that lead in lipstick, the heavier - colored, lead content.

3。 Ichthyol detect antioxidant

how to know whether the cosmetics have antioxidant effect? Will ichthyol to shake of 1:50 accounted with water, put the must detect product a little in it, sufficient mixing, if the product with sufficient liquid melt water and repair the clear transparent, shows that its have antioxidant effect, if the water can't recover or black, have confirmed with the OEM skin care products like skin will once again be diazotization reaction, serious will also increase air oxidation.

TIPS: all OEM cosmetics must be delivered before many manufacturing technology professional organization to carry out the inspection, so if have according to the record of cosmetics, the foundation to ensure the quality of the product. Under all dark blue angel manufacturing cosmetics 100% according to handle the archival filing, quality assurance, trustworthy.

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