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Is WeChat Business Reliable? Guangzhou cosmetics processing factory cosmetic oem u200bu200bmask o

by:Zanyu     2021-04-28
Every day when you open the circle of friends, you can see many purchasing agents, such as major luxury goods and high imitation products, celebrity cosmetics, clothing, etc., which makes people dazzling. Many people are troubled by the screen-scanning of WeChat Moments. Are these purchasing agents reliable? Are the goods authentic? On the occasion of the March 15 International Consumer Rights Day, Huanggang Customs informed that in 2014, the customs inspected 194,000 counterfeit goods in import and export channels. These fake goods In addition to common products such as mobile phones, watches, clothing, shoes and hats, and cigarettes, it even includes auto parts. According to the person in charge of Huanggang Customs, in 2014, the customs investigated 104 cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, handled 344 batches of intellectual property rights confirmation, and seized 194,000 infringing goods involving 62 brands in 16 countries, and involved infringing goods. With a value of more than 1.1 million yuan, the number of seized goods and the value of seized cases rank first among Shenzhen land ports. In 2014, the customs successively carried out a special action against infringement on New Year's Day and Spring Festival, a joint intellectual property law enforcement action between China and the US Customs, an action to protect the intellectual property rights of the 2014 World Cup football match, and three Guangdong-Hong Kong joint intellectual property law enforcement actions. In these large-scale operations, the related investigation of major infringement cases, the more representative cases include the case of a Shenzhen trading company exporting thousands of infringing auto parts, and the case of foreign passengers carrying hundreds of infringements of FIFA trademark rights. , Hong Kong tourists tied dozens of counterfeit Apple iPhone6 u200bu200bmobile phones and so on. In addition, the Customs has actively increased its efforts to clean up intellectual property cases. In accordance with the principle of equivalent penalties, different methods of collection and administrative penalties are adopted in accordance with the law and violations of different circumstances, and the investigation and handling of the cases are announced to the public through the Internet to warn The lawbreakers strive to build an honest and orderly import and export market order. Approaching 3.15, the relevant person in charge of Huanggang Customs stated that consumers must keep their eyes open when buying big-name products online or on WeChat and other emerging media, especially imported goods, and should patronize reputable stores or special brands of various brands. Store, don’t try to be cheap to avoid being deceived. The customs will continue to crack down on infringement activities through strict law enforcement in the future. At the same time, Huanggang Customs also reminded owners of intellectual property rights to actively cooperate with the customs, jointly combat infringements and illegal activities, and safeguard legitimate intellectual property rights. However, in 2015, micro-businesses slowly emerged, and more and more agents were acting as OEM cosmetics agents, and they also made more and more money. Guangzhou cosmetics processing plants, OEM cosmetics oems were slowly rising, and mask oem manufacturers were also increasing. Many, Guangzhou Factory is also one of the OEM cosmetics processing factories, using high-end technology to produce high-end products, quality assurance, such as rejuvenating V face mask, small molecule hexapeptide repair combination and other OEM products.
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