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It is not recommended to put poison from a decontamination as routine cleaning device

by:Zanyu     2020-10-14
Hands are the most part, human exposure to bacteria so wash your hands is to depart from bacteria, one of the most simple and effective measures to keep healthy. Millions of other hand sanitizer in the face of market products, how we can correct selection and use? City market supervision bureau according to the types of the hand sanitizer, using the matters needing attention, common sense of choose and buy, etc in detail for you.

one, the types of hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer in accordance with the use of forms, such as product features in general can be divided into the following several kinds:

1, the common hand sanitizer. Mainly have the effect of clean decontamination, but I don't claim bactericidal or bacteriostatic effect. The standard of products mainly include: the GB/T 34855 - 2017 hand sanitizer, QB/T 2654 - 2013 the hand sanitizer.

2, special hand sanitizer. Is often said that resistance ( Suppression) Hand sanitizer, besides surfactant in the formulation, also added antibacterial or antibacterial ingredients, in addition to being able to decontamination clean, also can achieve the result that kill bacteria or inhibit bacterial growth. Standard of products mainly include: the GB 19877. 1 - 2005 'special hand sanitizer.

3, general free hand wash liquid. Don't need to wash after use, wash his hands free fluid generally implement enterprise standards.

4, free hand washing detergent. Refers to the products add active ingredients and skincare ingredients, without washing after using product kill hand pathogenic bacteria. Given its hand disinfection products, products should comply with GB27950 - 2011 'hand disinfectant sanitary requirements'.

2, use notice:

1, before the meal, the toilet, after go home, contact garbage, petting animals, remember to wash your hands. Wash your hands, pay attention to with flowing water and liquid soap to wash, and knead for not less than 20 seconds. To rub simple steps as seven word mantra: - Outside - Clip - Bow - Large - State - The wrist.

2, under normal circumstances, the common hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand sanitizer resistance has been able to meet the needs of the ordinary citizens hand daily cleaning.

3, it is not recommended to put disposable hand sanitizers as a regular hand washing method, as far as possible only when the condition of no water use.

4, some public places will be diluted to use hand sanitizer to save cost, so that both in sterilization ability and ability to clean, so don't go to dilute liquid soap.

3, common sense of choose and buy

can undertake choosing according to the purpose. According to the extent of microbes, for clean, from weak to strong antibacterial, sterilization and disinfection. When we choose with 'bacteriostatic' on the label 'sterilization' word 'sterilization' hand sanitizer, must see product labels disinfection products hygiene license, marked by the word 'XXX' who disappear. This kind of hand sanitizer need disinfection products health security assessment record, hygiene license, allowed to production and sales. Consumers to learn whether or not to purchase products has put on record, through the online information service platform inquires the disinfection products.
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