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Japan male makeup hot men said can't stand without makeup

by:Zanyu     2020-10-18
Japan male makeup hot men said can't stand without makeup, Webex observer) On April 25, according to the nikkei Chinese website reported that cosmetics for women for a long time. Now that Japan's young men also gradually started to buy. To the pursuit of good makeup method, men are also on the social networking site popular with male makeup web celebrity, the market of male cosmetics has become impossible to ignore. 'For me, makeup is carefully', said to have 300000 fans of video website anchor Kondo Yohdi ( 26) 。 He was two years ago for the first time in hair video, video website content is the makeup of can use in our daily life. Kondo has become one of the beauty industry web celebrity, many viewers are female, but male fans are also on the increase, it is said that in recent years to 50000, accounted for around 2 into a whole. In the comments section there are such as a foreign language taught in Korean and Spanish. Kondo Yohdi images from the nikkei Chinese although the makeup is an opportunity to work, but now is a hobby. Kondo said, 'makeup is to make yourself confident. Don't have to consider how people around you want to '. He also said, 'because it is a male so dont make up, is because women so you have to make up, etc is bad. Anyone can 'want to make up. And Kondo resonance of men is not in the minority. One is affected by his video on them, there are 3000 followers of college students Yuta ( Twenty years of age) 。 Yuta due to work in the model of contact to makeup, interested in. It said, 'now can't stand without makeup. Yuta buy cosmetics is medicine makeup store, grocery store and online. Unlike department stores and specialty stores, these places did not receive the clerk of the customer. Yuta said, 'didn't the courage to go to a department store. Yuta in universities, Yuta are sometimes classmates joked, 'want to be a girl? '. Recently, even men, buy protect skin to taste also become taken for granted, but still exist 'feeling makeup acosmia feels'. Yuta ideal is free trial before the counter and buy casually. For men's cosmetics to skin care products as the center, is gradually saturated in the Japanese market. Japan's Fuji economic statistics show that Japanese men cosmetics ( Facial treatment) The size of the market is expected to be 23. 1 billion yen in 2018. Gradual increase in recent 10 years. If you consider to buy women with men not a few goods, is considered more huge potential market. Young Japanese, in his activities and important work to protect skin and repair eyebrows, male beauty in daily life is increasing. Combined with recent years well-known brands into male cosmetics, market rapidly active. France chanel launched in 2018, male cosmetics, high-end brands to enter the market. In the department store industry, in March 2019 e. urgent department to carry out large-scale decorate men pavilion Tokyo ( HANKYU人” 东京) And the shinjuku, isetan men attended together to expand the male cosmetics stores, also enrich the types of cosmetics, can set consulting skin problems at the reception desk. Of course, also somebody cool treat male cosmetics market. Circulation industry relevant personage says, 'because of the population decline, female cosmetics market will peak in the future. Hope to male cosmetics companies expect to retrieve is wishful thinking '. There is also along with the further promotion of male cosmetics, could lose the men like women cosmetics previous customers this dilemma. There is no difference between men and women want to improve their own image of demand. How to avoid impose values on people, and deal with potential demand or will become the key at the same time. Disclaimer: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information. If a source tagging error or violate the legitimate rights and interests of you, the author holds the ownership certificate, please contact with this net, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you. Source: the forward observer network links: https://www. guancha。 cn/internation/2019_04_25_499110。 shtml
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