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Liquid soap, disinfectant, disinfectant gel is the most correct way of exports

by:Zanyu     2020-10-01
Liquid soap, disinfectant, disinfectant gel with the correct way to export new crown pneumonia outbreak are spread around the world, in addition to the mask, hand sanitizer in the United States, Germany, France and other places of supermarkets hang 'unavailable' signs, amazon ( 亚马逊) , ebay and other large electric business platform have also announced ban on mask, hand sanitizer, epidemic prevention, such as product sales. According to market research firm, according to data released on February 22 solstice between February 29, hand sanitizer 313 total sales growth in the United States. 4%, hand sanitizer, New York is a bottle of is hard to find. The hand sanitizer sales rose 255% in February. To this, a lot of cross-border electricity export sellers want to take this opportunity to make a fortune, started to carry hand sanitizer exported to countries around the world. Then tell everyone about how effective export hand sanitizer: most of today's free hand wash liquid contains high levels of alcohol ( Anhydrous ethanol) 。 Alcohol content of more than 24% belong to dangerous chemicals, so content more than 24% alcohol solution belong to three kinds of dangerous goods. 【 Freight logistics export 】 UN1170( The United Nations of dangerous goods transportation number) Transport, the special name 'ethanol ( Alcohol) (or ethanol solution Alcohol solution) ( English: ETHANOL ( ETHYL ALCOHOL) 或乙醇溶液( 乙醇溶液) ) ', according to different flash point, packaging categories for class II and class III. Class II package through cargo transportation, piece the inner packing weight 10 l metal bottle or 5 l plastic bottle, outer packing set of UN carton, weight of 60 l. Class III package through cargo transportation, piece the inner packing weight 25 metal bottle or 10 litres bottles, outer packing set of UN carton, weight of 220 l. Dangerous goods can LCL see two main whether to allow a dock, the second is the shipping company whether to agree. Points according to the category of the dangerous goods LCL, part 2, 3, section 4. Class 1, 6, 8, 9 kind of dangerous goods can be shipping LCL. But it's important to note that acid and alkali can't spell in a cupboard, some goods need isolation, etc. 3 classes, flammable liquid, the main project is the flash point, flash point, the higher the better, lower the booking the shipping company may refuse, such as in the summer time, low flash point of the goods, some of the shipping company is refused. Common is glue, paint, curing agent, thinner, etc. , UN1263, UN3269 UN1133, etc. 【 Courier export 】 On the transport requirement, hand sanitizer to have a strong carton packaging, internal filling leakage and adsorption materials. If is it a detergent, higher packaging requirements. In proving the class files, hand wash only need transport appraisal report, disinfectant need dangerous goods declaration form, has been put on record check statement, etc. Export declaration, hand sanitizer to declare the commodity inspection, factory name, disinfectant does not need the commodity inspection, but should pay. Can go hand sanitizer express channel have DHL, UPS, FedEx, as well as some international line. International line for price, but the limitation or international express. Tags: sanitizing gel hand sanitizer disinfectant
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