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Liquid soap, disinfectant needs of export certification?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-30
Liquid soap, disinfectant needs of export certification? Global outbreak, combined with foreign diagnostic medical record continued ascension, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Spain, Saudi Arabia and other countries suffer harm serious pneumonia outbreak, foreign disease the requirement of emergency supplies is the improvement of explosive, Chinese firms are also been tired as a dog with export items, excluding respirators, 75% rubbing alcohol, disinfecting wipes, 84 disinfectant disinfection emergency supplies in exports is also higher parallel lines, then how to exports to countries around the world respirators, disinfectant, epidemic prevention goods? MSDS( Chemical production safety technical instructions) No matter in domestic or import and export trade, chemical manufacturers or suppliers have to customers to produce a detailed product ( Pure chemical substances and compounds) Main physical and chemical parameters, explosion properties, toxicity and pollution of the environment and safety applications, leak emergency rescue process, relevant laws and regulations such as level comprehensive show document information contents, beneficial to the users of the products can be better control risk. Did not show the MSDS or MSDS is not standard, will cause the risk of trade blocked. MSDS main content is different according to Chinese law, is not the same as the MSDS content. Rubbing alcohol, disinfecting wipes, 84 disinfectant disinfection emergency supplies, is full of dangerous goods, not only have to do MSDS, also should make relative products quality inspection! Is not the same as the difference between what belongs to and other dangerous goods categories: aldehydes disinfectants 1, alcoholic disinfectant at present most of the free hand wash liquid with high concentration of alcohol ( Anhydrous ethanol) 。 Accordance with the requirements of emergency management department for register in 2016, belong to for alcohol content exceeds 24%, so the composition of more than 24% of alcohol aqueous solution belong to three kinds of dangerous goods. 2. Isopropyl alcohol disinfection is part of a detergent, hand sanitizer, principal component is isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol vest in three kinds of dangerous goods. 3. Disinfecting wipes class disinfection with alcohol wet wipes, on the basis of wipes the liquid inside the component composition, with a high composition of alcohol still belongs to dangerous goods. In addition there is also a very common isopropyl alcohol disinfection wet wipes, also belongs to dangerous goods. It must be very highlighted here, disinfecting wipes, because belong to solid, go airmail and international shipping to be in accordance with the actual operating dangerous goods. 4. Disinfection with makeup cotton or sterile swabs for sealing in the small and medium-sized packaging alone aldehyde disinfection makeup cotton or aldehyde disinfection swab, if aldehyde liquid has been completely digest absorb, no mineral acid liquid, the packing is in good condition and according to package stop leakage detection, A46 according to special requirements, the object will not be 'air transport dangerous goods safety technical conditions', can be in accordance with the general cargo actual operation. Disinfectant on alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, disinfectant, disinfecting wipes, namely however is dangerous goods, export requires in accordance with the dangerous goods under the condition of the actual operation, many manufacturers is difficult in can not apply for to deal with dangerous package certificate, actually this kind of goods are all can apply for to deal with the crisis package, generally all UN paper box with outer packing box to FuWei package card. If the exporter does can't apply for to deal with, also can use dangerous package license agent company, adopt the way of qualified to apply for application. 5, 84 disinfectant with calcium hydroxide solution of high efficient disinfectant. Sales market sales of goods on the market, active chlorine content in 4. 0% - 6. Among the 5%. Strong corrosion, with acid mixture, must separate store, prevent * * poisoning. Belonging to 8 classes of dangerous goods. Many customers ask disinfectant, free hand sanitizer exports of the European Community CE certification to do? For this goods at this stage of the European Community has relativity the policies and regulations and order should be go out, can't do CE, to export? Do the relative test report can be! The article from the network, for reference only, if there are any infringement, please contact, contents belong to the author personal point of view. Do not represent the official position. Tags: liquid detergent to wash your hands
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