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Look at the following pregnant women how to protect skin to taste

by:Zanyu     2020-11-16

women after pregnancy, food and clothing live line will happen very big change. Because of the effects of progesterone, skin problems emerge in endlessly, but the love of beauty is pregnant mother want to skin care during pregnancy, pregnant women must choose effective skin care products, targeted nursing. Then have a look at the OEM skin care related matters needing attention during pregnancy.

first, suit the remedy to the case:

expectant mothers during pregnancy will appear a lot of skin problems, such as skin spots and melanin deposition, complexion is dark yellow, neck grain, dry skin or the skin give oil, etc. , so the special period of skin care is critical. The expectant mothers want to give up their peacetime use protect skin to taste, sex is very important.

the second: ingredients led:

expectant mothers choose OEM cosmetics must choose do not stimulate nature. Because during pregnancy, the skin will become sensitive, use at ordinary times use protect skin to taste, may affect the baby, but also easy to cause skin does not adapt to pregnant women. Pregnant women use protect skin to taste, should be do not contain any chemical additives, and the baby are no harm to human body. Is often medicine plant extraction or makeup products. Third:

well measures:

mothers-to-be skin prone to all kinds of problems, so also should pay attention to prevent bask in, of course the daily moisturizing work also cannot ignore. Sunscreen products is also can't use, must use a pregnant woman is special product, or use umbrellas, hats, clothing, masks and so on carries on the cover. Advised to choose a pregnant mother dedicated to protect skin to taste. In addition, shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, is better to choose special pregnant mother, not only, and still can protect skin.

pregnant women to protect skin to taste, with high quality, high starting point, high standards of quality requirements, according to the maternal women's skin characteristic specially developed formula, to provide special period of the mummy, pure skin care, utility, select a variety of vitamins and plant essence, science and match, promote skin microcirculation, creating healthy pregnancy.

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