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Look at what is cosmetics OEM

by:Zanyu     2020-11-30

our many years of 'natural' perseverance, commitment to the broad masses of customers to provide ODM/OEM/OBM service we, from a technical standard, manufacture standard to brand standards, pursuit. Specializes in cosmetic research, development, production, sales and OEM generation of processing is a body comprehensive large-scale enterprises, providing customers with a full range of all kinds of beauty, OEM skin care, hair care, washing, and other products production and processing services.

contract before each manufacturing cosmetics production, OEM cosmetics contract each key producers of multi-type, small production. Nowadays, OEM cosmetics involves the scope of business and manufacturing industry are more common, the key is not cosmetics manufacturing machinery and equipment of all kinds of entrust manufacturer to produce production business process.

OEM cosmetics manufacturing industry, the key details of the company professional cosmetics OEM business process condition and industry information. Initial machine equipment manufacturers, OEM, full name alias foundry production production, is refers to the method according to the contract buy entrust other manufacturers production industry.

and production entrust its various operation, including large and medium-sized OEM cosmetics manufacturers, pharmaceuticals manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, mail-order manufacturing industry, opening to the outside world to entrust production brands ( PB) Goods of drugstore shop small and medium-sized retailers such as these. To produce all kinds of production license, sales services support in cosmetics production marketing level, Japan has a pharmaceuticals method of diagnosis and treatment equipment, the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

professional cosmetics wholesale or retail, must have the cosmetics manufacturing sales license; Include packing, marking, storage within the production business processes, each production plant must have cosmetics manufacturing license; In addition, for it is strictly prohibited or restricted and ingredients in cosmetics and, goods packing marks, the AD content, etc. , is also a strict limit. In April 2005, after adjustment of related policies and regulations allow outside the cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, Quasi drug, medicine makeup to protect skin to taste) In all production steps the disposition of the entrusted business outsourcing.

, for example, retailers to produce independent brand OEM cosmetics, only in the 'production supplier' column can clearly indicate the name of the OEM manufacturers, has not must to be various, such as cosmetics manufacturing sales and manufacturing license. Therefore, other companies are involved in all areas of cosmetics manufacturing industry, even without a license and technical experience accumulated, can also entrust autonomous brand cosmetics production sales in the OEM business.

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