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Looking for cosmetics factory before you need to know what happened?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-15
A lot of beauty industry boss wants to have their own brands and products, in the 1990 s cosmetics processing, find the processing factory product is an easy task, but do the most basic you have to know what brand product? The following before he said, looking for a manufacturer should know. 1, each qualified product requires the principal and the trustee of the information, as the client you need to have your own company, The business license) , this is the primary condition. 2, each product has a trademark, need to receive the trademark related department to accept the book, the product can be put on record, to put on record can be on the market sales of the products, eat the agency staff not to random testing, trademark is dealt with to the trademark acceptance notice issued the cycle of about five months. 3, choose products according to customers to locate, you need to find a relatively experienced factory to do product, zhuhai processing experience in brand new cosmetics company has 20 s old factory, for you to solve problems from planning to the sales of all products. 4, bosses is most concerned about is the question of costs, the cost of customers into different groups positioning is different, produce a mask as an example, the facial mask product is by color box + + mask bag + mask cloth mask fluid composition, is composed of the cost, according to the needs of different customer groups in the trade-offs between these parts, meet customer demand maximum.
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